Travel | Spotting Seals at Horsey Beach, Norfolk

Hello, pals! As you may have gathered from my Instagram or Twitter, I've just returned from a week's family holiday in Norfolk - a beautiful part of the country that we perhaps don't pay enough attention to considering it's only a couple hour's drive away. A particular highlight was a bit of a secret hotspot: Horsey Beach. Marketing itself as a place to see seals in their natural habitat, we thought we'd head down for a look.

As I'm sure you can imagine, we were sceptical about this seal-viewing beach. We thought we'd maybe see a couple if we squinted really hard into the distance and had luck on our side. My friends, we were happily proven wrong. The seals were mere metres from the shore, in fairly large groups at that.

It's definitely a case of pot luck. The first time we went, I got the photos featured in this post (forever regretting not bringing a bigger lens with me), whilst our second visit a few days later was less fruitful. Meanwhile, my dad's friend went another day that week to find the seals all lying out on the beach! However, I have read that between November and February is a good time for seal-watching.

One thing to note is that it's quite inconveniently placed. There were no toilets near where we parked and the walk to the beach involved going uphill over some sand dunes then down some narrow stairs. There are apparently three car parks near the beach but I can only speak for the Horsey Gap car park.

It was really refreshing to see animals out in the wild rather than in a zoo, and I particularly appreciated the information board that detailed how to act around the seals to keep them from being distressed - after all, this is their home!

What are your favourite places to visit in Britain? Let me know in the comments!

Paris out 💃 xxx