McArthur Glen's East Midlands Designer Outlet | Haul & Review

After a trip to Ikea this weekend, my mum and I decided it wouldn't hurt to head two more junctions further north on the M1 (to junction 28) and check out the East Midlands Designer Outlet. Surprisingly, we'd never been before despite the fact we're up and down the M1 like a yo-yo getting me to and from university. Although after my blog rebrand I've taken a big step away from fashion blogging, the savings at the outlet are so great that I figured it lent itself to the topic of money and student budgeting quite well anyway.

Whilst Claire's was a temple of fun accessories in my early teen years, it's not a place I visit with particular frequency these days. However, the promise of 30% or more off everything piqued my interest, and I snapped up some hairbands in an attempt to be less rubbish at accessorising my hair.
Twin pack (right) - Was: £6 | Now: £4.20
Twin pack (left) - Was: £5.50 | Now: £2.50
Percentage saving: 41.7%

The Body Shop
These guys have a deal that if you buy two items you get 30% off, three items is 35% off and 4 items or more gets you 40% off. It makes a pretty handy place to pop into if you happen to driving me past anyway, and mum and I topped up a few of our essentials.
Chamomile Make-up remover, vitamin E face wash and vitamin E toner: usually £7.50 each
Vitamin E night cream: usually £14
Was: £36.50 | Now: £21.90
Percentage saving: 40%

I often avoid Superdry a bit as in my head it's just a poorly lit shop filled with a vast array of jumpers sporting variations of the motif "Superdry, Japan". But it actually turned out to be one of the best shops we went in at the outlet where I picked up some lovely additions to my wardrobe.
 Sunflower-patterned playsuit - Was: £39.99 | Now: £11.99
Floral dress - Was: £39.99 | Now: £11.99
Crop top - Was: £29.99 | Now: £10
Percentage saving: 69.1%

It probably took all my mum's strength to only buy herself two handbags at the outlet (but had there been a Cath Kidston store there, that'd be a wholly different story)! The Radley store didn't only have Radley handbags and from there, mum picked up this lovely Tula piece at one heck of a bargain price!
Was: £139 | Now: £35
Percentage saving: 74.8%

Between Fiorelli and Radley, the outlet is any handbag lover's dream. Mum got the brown bag whilst I opted for the mint-coloured number.
Mint bag - Was: £49 | Now: £24.50
Brown bag - Was: £49 | Now: £17.15
Percentage saving: 57.5%

A fair few of the shops in the outlet were a bit hit and miss. For example, I felt like Next was pretty much just a normal Next store - no cheaper than their usual high street locations. Marks & Spencer was cheaper than the usual RRP, although we spotted plenty of items that had been cheaper in the recent M&S sale - so approach with caution. However, plenty of shops are well worth a look at as it's not far off the M1 at all and there's a very good chance you can snap up a bargain or twelve!

Grand Total
Was: £394.97 | Now: £139.23
Total percentage saving: 64.7%

Thanks for reading! Have you ever been to your nearby designer outlet? What's been your best find there?

Paris out 💃 xxx