Life | Scrapbook: August in Pictures

I'm starting this series not necessarily because I think it'll be interesting to anyone but me, but because I think I'll thank myself in future when I have this nice way to look back at memories and the hopeful improvement of my photography over the months (must be the budding archivist in me).

I went on holiday at the start of this month and, whilst the first two days of the holiday were actually in July, I'm gonna sneak them into this post anyway.


In Norfolk, we visited a National Trust property called Felbrigg Hall. Whilst not the cheapest of places, the grounds were lovely and it was a welcome opportunity to practice some indoor and outdoor photography. I'm so happy with some of these close-up shots and that bumblebee one in particular will probably be my best photo of the year!


My best photos from this day are featured over in this post (if you like seals, it's worth a click!). But here's a small bonus shot from when a butterfly landed on me, potentially mistaking my flowery dress for a real flower. Can I be a Disney princess yet?


On this day we went into Norwich because I had to get the Lady & The Tramp tsum tsums. This sounds obsessive, and no doubt many of my close friends will be rolling their eyes, but hear me out. Lady & The Tramp is my absolute favourite Disney film as it has a lot of childhood sentiment for me. We also wanted to go to Norwich at some point in the week anyway so it made sense to plan it to coincide with the Tsum Tsum release. We caught the train from Acle and I just had to snap the flowers that they'd decorated the train station with! In the evening we took some sunset snaps on Sheringham Beach. What I love about photographing sunsets is just how much there is to capture. Every few seconds produces a vastly different photo.


On this day we went to Thrigby Hall & Wildlife Gardens. That's the most deceptive name going as the hall is not a stately home you can visit but instead a converted gift shop, and the wildlife gardens are actually a zoo - a fact I didn't realise before arriving. Nevertheless, I took some snaps I'm quite proud of.
An otter playing with a bug he had caught, here held in his paws
These look like raccoons but are actually
raccoon dogs - related to the dog and wolf family 


This day was a bit of an adventure around Leicester. Mum and I started the day walking the dog up around Castle Gardens, where I attempted to get a nice photo of him but he wanted to bark rather than pose. After that, we went to the University of Leicester Botanic Gardens which we didn't even know existed until very recently as they're rather hidden away in the city's outskirts.



Following a trip to Ikea (which is always great fun), we headed up to the MacArthur Glen outlet which we'd never visited before. You can check out my blog post on it here as I didn't take any photos on the day (except of tags on Ikea furniture in order to note down their aisle and location numbers but who cares).


I went to my first bloggers' event in Leicester! I went with my lovely school-friend and fellow blogger, Molly which helped to ease the apprehension about meeting new people and we had a lovely night at the Curve Theatre for the press night of A Midsummer Night's Dream which you can read about here.


From one bloggers' event to another, I was invited to the launch night at the Knight & Garter of their new-look pub and their underground gallery room. You can read my post on that here.


We went to Coventry which, despite it being about 30 miles away, I don't think I've ever been to before. We went predominantly to visit the cathedral, a bit of a must-visit for the history nerd within me.

Congratulations if you made it to the bottom of this lengthy post! Tomorrow I'm heading back to Sheffield to move stuff into my new house ready to move myself in a week later for my third year of uni! What have you been up to this August? Let me know in the comments :D