Travel | Disneyland Paris: My Top Five Rides

One thing that can perhaps be overwhelming on a trip to Disneyland Paris is the sheer quantity of rides and other attractions. So, I hope that this post can be of some help in providing a little information and recommendation for anyone heading to a Disney Park. We certainly didn't find the time to go on every ride in between shopping and going to see the shows and parades, thus this list isn't fully comprehensive. Nevertheless, these were simply wonderful rides that I highly recommend.

Travel | How to Save Money at Disneyland Paris

"Is Paris going to shut up about Disneyland Paris anytime soon?" My friends, the answer is "probably not, no". But today, I'm not talking melodramatic semi-clickbaiting disasters: I'm talking money. Here are my tips to try and keep your holiday price as low as possible both during booking and during the trip itself.

Career Path (Act 1, Scene 1): Researching Career Prospects

Welcome to a new series of blog posts on 71 Feather Street! In Career Path, I hope to take you chronologically through how I as a History student figured out my career goals and, hopefully moving forward through the years, the steps I'll be taking to achieve them. In true theatre nerd fashion, I'm naming the sections of posts as 'acts' and Act 1 details my career-based adventures as an undergraduate.

In my first semester of second year, the department put on a series of careers-based lectures. Whilst helpful in offering advice on graduate jobs and postgraduate study it had the side-effect of stressing 10% of our year group out (i.e. that small chunk of people who muster up the motivation to attend extra lectures). Before you know it, we were all creating LinkedIn profiles and rushing to the Careers Service for a one-on-one discussion with the Careers Adviser that invariably opened with "oh golly, I don't know what I'd like to do with my life!" (Or at least that's what I did).

Entertainment | Doctor Who: Thoughts on the new Doctor

So if you've somehow missed the news (how?), yesterday it was announced that the Thirteenth Doctor will be portrayed by Jodie Whittaker, who is in fact a woman. Whilst this has provoked a very mixed reaction across the many corners of the internet I personally am super excited as I feel that after Moffat, this was the regeneration the show needed both with regards to lead actor and head writer. For a while now I've been toying with the idea of writing a post on why I stopped watching Doctor Who shortly after Matt Smith's exit when Moffat's writing seemed to go from bad to worse. This seems the perfect time to summarise my thoughts on that and my thoughts on my hopes for Doctor Who's future.

Entertainment | Book Review: 'All That She Can See' by Carrie Hope Fletcher (spoiler-free)

All That She Can See's protagonist, Cherry Redgrave has the gift of being able to see people's bad feelings physically manifesting as monsters that follow the characters around. Although Cherry uses this power for good - baking cakes with positive feelings in them to help people - other characters she encounters are not so benevolent.

Travel | My Disneyland Disaster! (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome back to my disastrous tales from Disneyland [part 1 here]. Whilst I actually did have a really wonderful trip, it's much more fun to write up what went wrong. So buckle up, it's time for the tale of the time we had our luggage misplaced. Did we get it back? You'll just have to read on and find out!

Travel | Disneyland Paris Haul: June 2017

Bonjour, madames et monsieurs! As I recently went to Disneyland Paris (my first ever trip to a Disney park!) I decided it'd be handy to share a haul post for anyone heading to Disneyland anytime soon wanting to know what's available and how much it'll cost. As this post is going to be super photo-heavy, I'll try and keep it text-light to balance out.