January Favourites (2017)

Hi there! Can you believe it's February already? In my year and a half of writing this blog, I think I've only ever actually done two monthly favourite posts, but I figured I'd start this new year as I mean to go on and aim to actually do one every month (she says, typing this two days into February). So... allons-y!

Beauty: Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Tint
Whilst I bought this at the Christmas launch and it's no longer sold, Lush do still sell other lip tints throughout the year. I'd never tried one before but was so happy to find that for £5.95 it was really moisturising and of a really nice level of pigment. It adds such a nice pop of colour to a minimal make-up look and lasts really well too! (Bonus: it smells good)

Fashion: Daisy Dixon Watch
Bit of a lame story here, I was suddenly struck with fear that my exam venues might for some cruel reason not provide a clock, so I rushed to TK Maxx to buy myself a watch. For £16.99 (reduced from a RRP of £40), I love how simple and versatile its design is. I decided to go for the black rather than the bright pink for the sake of it matching more outfits.

Entertainment: Hamilton
Granted, Hamilton is a favourite every month but this month it deserves a special mention because I got tickets!! I'm super excited to be seeing Hamilton in June 2018 (a very long time away but wonderful nevertheless) and am of course listening to the soundtrack... Non-Stop (ba dum tss đŸ„)

Homeware: Dark Roast Coffee Candle
I did actually do a post on The Sheffield Candle Company here, but have started burning my coffee candle this month. It's such a gorgeous scent - of coffee but with a sweetness that stops it being too pungent. It also really lingers after being snuffed out, to the point that my housemate came into my room and commented on the nice scent an impressive 6 hours after it being extinguished.

Food: The Harley, Sheffield
End of exam celebrations would not be the same without a meal out, and my friends and I went to The Harley this month where they had half price on many of their burgers. As always, the food was lovely and so so filling. Whilst many of their menu items are what you might call quirky, it's definitely worth just diving in and trying something out because I can 99% guarantee that you won't be disappointed by their flavoursome goodness.

Travel: Botanical Gardens, Sheffield
When I say travel, don't expect anything too exotic, I've been nowhere but my hometown of Leicester and my university town of Sheffield all January. But, don't let it be said that Sheffield doesn't have some great places to visit such as the lovely Botanical Gardens where I went for a walk with a friend and a camera. We even befriended some squirrels! [More photos here]

What have been your favourite things this January? Let me know in the comments!