Beauty | My Favourite NYX Products

If you read my blog particularly regularly (then by the way, thank you, you're awesome 💚💚) you'll know I - like many bloggers - love a bit of NYX, as I spoke about them in a few posts this past summer. I find I often struggle to write a whole post on one product, and any attempt to do so with my favourite NYX products would result in many, very short posts. So I decided to pop a bunch together in one handy-dandy guide.

Lip Liner Pencil
Whilst many lip liners can be really stiff and you need to scrape them across your lips, NYX have managed to make one that's creamy yet robust. It keeps my lipstick from bleeding all day and doesn't make my lips feel dried out. For £3, it's an absolute steal really!

Slide On, Glide On Lip Pencil
Whilst they're not really twice as good as the other lip liner pencil for nearly twice the price, these lip liners are still utterly brilliant - and probably better suited for wearing on their own, due to the crayon being a little thicker and thus easier to apply all over your lips. Again, the pencils are creamy without being too creamy, as well as super pigmented and long lasting!

Soft Matte Lip Cream
You've probably seen a hundred blog posts by now that rave about this product and I'm sorry to disappoint, but I completely agree with them. For a matte lip product, it has a soft, almost silky, finish to it and doesn't feel drying even after hours and hours of wear. It has good staying power and is also so easy to apply. I usually don't bother with a lip-liner to accompany my lip creams as it's so easy to apply into a flattering lip shape and it doesn't bleed. Additionally, I've had these great results with both of the colours I own (Istanbul and San Paulo), a good sign as many liquid lipsticks vary hugely in quality of formula between colours.

Matte Lipstick
I bought this in Perfect Red for a 1920s'-themed event and I certainly wouldn't rule out buying more at some point. Of course, the question on everyone's lips (ba dum tiss 🥁) when it comes to matte lipsticks is whether or not it's drying. And I can happily confirm that much like their popular liquid counterparts, the Soft Matte Lip Creams, these lipsticks do not leave your lips feeling dry or overly chapped after long wear. For £6.50, its staying power is impeccable and it comes in such a gorgeous range of shades that I often find myself having to refrain from buying the whole set!

Eye Shadow Base
This product comes in White, White Pearl, Black and Skin Tone which is great as many primers are just translucent. I bought white to make my eye shadow pop a bit more, which it certainly does. The base keeps all eye shadow looking neat and perfect all day long, and considering what a small amount you need to dab out of the pot, I think this £5.50 will last a long, long time!

Wonder Pencil
Never before have I had such a multi-tasking wonder of a product. It works great as a reverse lip-liner, as an under-eye brightener, as a spot concealer and as a nude eyeliner. Whilst of course it's not a perfectly sufficient substitution for liquid concealer, for small touch-ups on the go or for light coverage it's certainly ideal. For £4, this has certainly become a key staple of my makeup collection due to its brilliant versatility.

Tinted Brow Mascara
This product is available in five different shades, something of a miracle as so many high street eyebrow products come in a maximum of about two. As someone who has no idea what the heck they're doing with eyebrows, this was a lifesaver. Now I just lightly outline my eyebrows with Soap & Glory's Archery pencil, then fill them in and tame them with this. I'm also glad to say that it doesn't leave your eyebrows feeling weird and clunky like some products do. A very easy product to get your head around!

What are some of your favourite NYX products? Let me know in the comments!