Entertainment | Theatre Review: Crazy For You @ The Lyceum, Sheffield

Crazy For You tells the story of Bobby Child (Tom Chambers) who, shoved into working for his mother's bank, is sent from glamorous New York to Deadrock, Nevada to foreclose on a rundown theatre. However, finding himself falling in love with the theatre owner's daughter becomes problematic when she realises what brought him to Deadrock. What follows is a Shakespeare-like tale of mistaken identities with a predictable, yet fun, romantic plot. Rather a pastiche of an older, golden age of Broadway, Crazy For You is gorgeously put together by a hugely talented cast and crew.

Entertainment | Theatre Review: Legally Blonde @ The Lyceum, Sheffield

Although Legally Blonde has been around as a musical since 2007, until seeing it I'd only really encountered the songs 'Bend & Snap' and 'Positive', giving me the impression of a very fun and sassy musical but not piquing my interest in the way that the likes of Hamilton might. As I'm such a fan of the film, I was sceptical about it as a musical and worried it would follow the trend of churning a Broadway musical out of anything. But, as Elle Woods' character has such a sing-song chirp about her, it soon became clear how well Legally Blonde lends itself to the stage.

Entertainment | Literature: Off the Shelf Festival of Words, Sheffield (ft. Jenni Murray and Stephen McGann)

Over the past month, I've attended a variety of talks across Sheffield as part of the Off the Shelf Festival of Words. The festival invites authors of newly released books to come and talk about their latest work and this year has included the likes of Mark Haddon, Robert Webb and Brian Blessed to name but a few. The festival encompassed both fiction and non-fiction, although the events I attended were mostly about books of a non-fictional, specifically historical nature.

Entertainment | Theatre Review: Cabaret @ Leeds Grand Theatre

With Chicago being one of my favourite musicals of all time, it was a real joy last night to see another Kander & Ebb musical in the form of Cabaret at the Grand Theatre in Leeds. Usually starring Will Young and Louise Redknapp, our performance saw Young's understudy Jordan Livesey take the reigns as Emcee - and what a fantastic job he did too!

Entertainment | We Started a Podcast?!

Hello, hello! So, it's been a while. University started hectic and I'm sure it shall remain hectic in the months to come. Thus, the blog may be taking something of a backseat whilst I wade through pages of dissertation research, run a university society and try to retain a social life. But I did want to check in to essentially plug a little something my housemate, Jonny and I are working on.

Entertainment/Travel | The Treehouse Board Game Café, Sheffield

Last night, I attended the press launch of Sheffield's first ever board game café, down on Boston Street (near the St Mary's Gate Aldi and Waitrose). Being just out of town gives it more of an air of being a hidden nook in the city of Sheffield, and it certainly sits in a convenient location for us - I imagine my housemates and I will probably pop by it on our way to Aldi some days!

Entertainment | Theatre Review: The Addams Family @ The Lyceum, Sheffield

Last night I caught the first Sheffield show of The Addams Family tour. Of course I was very excited to see it in action having watched Carrie Hope Fletcher's (Wednesday Addams) backstage vlogs over the past few months and it was all the fun I'd come to expect of it.

Entertainment | Book Review: 'The Penguin Lessons' by Tom Michell

"The penguin, meanwhile, was quite unperturbed by the dramatic appearance of the hound, and continued sniffing some wayside buttercups that had caught his attention"
The Penguin Lessons tells Tom Michell's true story of his time in 1970s Argentina as a twenty-something schoolteacher with a pet penguin, Juan Salvado. Having rescued Juan Salvado from a terrible oil spill, the pair form an unbreakable bond of friendship and what follows is a wonderfully charming tale.

Life | Scrapbook: August in Pictures

I'm starting this series not necessarily because I think it'll be interesting to anyone but me, but because I think I'll thank myself in future when I have this nice way to look back at memories and the hopeful improvement of my photography over the months (must be the budding archivist in me).

History | History in an Object: The Elephant

For a while now, I've been toying with the idea of doing a 'History in an Object' on the blog. Whilst I wouldn't really call an animal "an object", it seemed the best catch-all phrase for the series as I have a few actual objects lined up for future posts. I'm of the opinion that you can learn a lot about history by picking one thing and broadening it out. Thus, three small tales of elephants actually reveal quite a bit about the societies they lived in.

The Tell Me More Tag

The lovely Lyd at What Lyd Did recently created this tag and ever since bloggers have been sharing some great stories about their blogs. So I thought, having just taken the plunge and bought myself a custom domain name, it was time I got in on this tag's action too!
I've tried to go with the first things that have come to my mind, so some sections aren't hugely in-depth and are just my immediate responses.

Kirsteen Thomson Exhibition Launch @ Knight & Garter | Leicester

Last Thursday, I attended the Knight & Garter's re-launch, accompanied by the launch of an art exhibition in the pub's basement bar. Whilst not a permanent exhibition, the idea of an art exhibition in a bar intrigued me and I thought I'd head along.
As you're probably aware, I'm no expert on art. But by placing an art exhibition in a bar, I feel that the Knight & Garter are trying to break down the idea that you have to be an art critic to enjoy art when really it shouldn't be so exclusive.

History | Odd Things That Happened in History: Part Two

I had a lot of fun writing part one of Odd Things That Happened in History and it proved to be quite a successful post! I love discovering little pieces of anecdotal history and I think it's interesting how much they can reveal more widely about the context in which they occurred. Today's post features two anecdotes rather than three as the pope/anti-pope one turned out quite long. Hope you enjoy!

Entertainment | Theatre Review: A Midsummer Night's Dream at The Curve, Leicester

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the press night of A Midsummer Night's Dream* at The Curve Theatre in Leicester. "Made at Curve", this was a community production and it certainly had that warm feeling about it. A Midsummer Night's Dream, being one of Shakespeare's most performed plays can sometimes seem a little overdone. Thus, there is a demand to constantly reinvent the play whilst still keeping true to its original script and ideas. This community production did a wonderful job at that - bringing a modern twist without any kind of reckless disregard for the original play.

McArthur Glen's East Midlands Designer Outlet | Haul & Review

After a trip to Ikea this weekend, my mum and I decided it wouldn't hurt to head two more junctions further north on the M1 (to junction 28) and check out the East Midlands Designer Outlet. Surprisingly, we'd never been before despite the fact we're up and down the M1 like a yo-yo getting me to and from university. Although after my blog rebrand I've taken a big step away from fashion blogging, the savings at the outlet are so great that I figured it lent itself to the topic of money and student budgeting quite well anyway.

'What the Artist Saw', New Walk Museum's Joe Orton Exhibition | Leicester

This post is rather new for me as I've never reviewed a museum exhibit before, and it's not something I read much of either. However, as a history student passionate about the importance of public history, I figured that my blog would be the perfect place to talk about museums and other heritage hotspots in my ever ongoing (albeit sporadic) efforts to get people engaged in the past.

What the Artist Saw marks the 50th anniversary of Joe Orton's murder at the hands of his partner, Kenneth Halliwell. However, the exhibition does not focus on his death but rather, more positively, upon his work's cultural impact. Orton was a Leicester playwright of working-class origins, whose work helped to subvert both the classist and homophobic status quo of 1960s Britain. He was also the inspiration for many socially-conscious art pieces which make up the bulk of this exhibition.

Travel | Spotting Seals at Horsey Beach, Norfolk

Hello, pals! As you may have gathered from my Instagram or Twitter, I've just returned from a week's family holiday in Norfolk - a beautiful part of the country that we perhaps don't pay enough attention to considering it's only a couple hour's drive away. A particular highlight was a bit of a secret hotspot: Horsey Beach. Marketing itself as a place to see seals in their natural habitat, we thought we'd head down for a look.

History | Stuff People Used to Believe: Sex Edition

If I were to ask you to name a strange thing people used to believe, you'd likely go for "the earth was flat". You probably wouldn't say that people believed a woman could essentially think her way into birthing rabbits (unless you have to put up with me in real life, in which case I've probably mentioned it several times). A whole range of weird things were believed back in "the olden days", and ideas of sex and reproduction were no exception.

Travel | Disneyland Paris: My Top Five Rides

One thing that can perhaps be overwhelming on a trip to Disneyland Paris is the sheer quantity of rides and other attractions. So, I hope that this post can be of some help in providing a little information and recommendation for anyone heading to a Disney Park. We certainly didn't find the time to go on every ride in between shopping and going to see the shows and parades, thus this list isn't fully comprehensive. Nevertheless, these were simply wonderful rides that I highly recommend.

Travel | How to Save Money at Disneyland Paris

"Is Paris going to shut up about Disneyland Paris anytime soon?" My friends, the answer is "probably not, no". But today, I'm not talking melodramatic semi-clickbaiting disasters: I'm talking money. Here are my tips to try and keep your holiday price as low as possible both during booking and during the trip itself.

Career Path (Act 1, Scene 1): Researching Career Prospects

Welcome to a new series of blog posts on 71 Feather Street! In Career Path, I hope to take you chronologically through how I as a History student figured out my career goals and, hopefully moving forward through the years, the steps I'll be taking to achieve them. In true theatre nerd fashion, I'm naming the sections of posts as 'acts' and Act 1 details my career-based adventures as an undergraduate.

In my first semester of second year, the department put on a series of careers-based lectures. Whilst helpful in offering advice on graduate jobs and postgraduate study it had the side-effect of stressing 10% of our year group out (i.e. that small chunk of people who muster up the motivation to attend extra lectures). Before you know it, we were all creating LinkedIn profiles and rushing to the Careers Service for a one-on-one discussion with the Careers Adviser that invariably opened with "oh golly, I don't know what I'd like to do with my life!" (Or at least that's what I did).

Entertainment | Doctor Who: Thoughts on the new Doctor

So if you've somehow missed the news (how?), yesterday it was announced that the Thirteenth Doctor will be portrayed by Jodie Whittaker, who is in fact a woman. Whilst this has provoked a very mixed reaction across the many corners of the internet I personally am super excited as I feel that after Moffat, this was the regeneration the show needed both with regards to lead actor and head writer. For a while now I've been toying with the idea of writing a post on why I stopped watching Doctor Who shortly after Matt Smith's exit when Moffat's writing seemed to go from bad to worse. This seems the perfect time to summarise my thoughts on that and my thoughts on my hopes for Doctor Who's future.

Entertainment | Book Review: 'All That She Can See' by Carrie Hope Fletcher (spoiler-free)

All That She Can See's protagonist, Cherry Redgrave has the gift of being able to see people's bad feelings physically manifesting as monsters that follow the characters around. Although Cherry uses this power for good - baking cakes with positive feelings in them to help people - other characters she encounters are not so benevolent.

Travel | My Disneyland Disaster! (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome back to my disastrous tales from Disneyland [part 1 here]. Whilst I actually did have a really wonderful trip, it's much more fun to write up what went wrong. So buckle up, it's time for the tale of the time we had our luggage misplaced. Did we get it back? You'll just have to read on and find out!

Travel | Disneyland Paris Haul: June 2017

Bonjour, madames et monsieurs! As I recently went to Disneyland Paris (my first ever trip to a Disney park!) I decided it'd be handy to share a haul post for anyone heading to Disneyland anytime soon wanting to know what's available and how much it'll cost. As this post is going to be super photo-heavy, I'll try and keep it text-light to balance out.

Travel | My Disneyland Disaster (Part 1 of 2)

My first trip to a Disney Park was certainly an eventful one. In fact, I had a really wonderful few days away and Disneyland Paris was all that I expected it to be and more. But my gushing about how magical it was is not what you came to this post, with its mildly clickbaity title, to read. Instead, this is one of two tales [part two here] about the nail-biting delays we faced on our way to catch our trains.

Entertainment | How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party

So as some of you may know, I was Social Secretary for Sheffield University Swing Dance Society this past year. One of our annual events is a Murder Mystery Party. Whilst great fun to plan, it's the kind of thing you do need to think through a fair amount and it can be a little daunting. However, party planner by night and blogger by day that I am, I have some top tips and reassurance that it's really nothing to fear!

A Blog Rebrand

When I first started this blog, I spent a long time picking out a name that was supposed to last me forever. A lifestyle blog by someone who wore (and still wears) a lot of floral prints), 'Life in Florals' was a perfect title at the time. But after almost two years, things have changed, I have changed, and the direction I want to take this blog in has changed. As a result of trying to keep my blog within the original themes I started out with back in 2015, I've become a little disenchanted with it. And so, the time has come for a rebrand.

Back in 2015, I was intimidated by rather than passionate about politics, I hadn't yet started university and the blog was intended as a place where I could write very casually and share my experiences. Now, reaching the end of my second year studying History at university, I have much more passion for debate and discussion and in general, what I want to write about and how I want to write about it has changed. Whilst I always maintain that I will write about whatever I like on my blog, this rebrand points it all more in the direction of things such as history, politics and feminism, as well as more reviews of literature, theatre, film and television. I also won't be deleting any old posts as I feel they're all artefacts in my 'blogging journey'.

The new name:
No, 71 Feather Street is not my address. Feather Street is an approximate English translation of 'Rue Plumet', which the Les Mis fans amongst you may recognise as the temporary residence of Valjean and Cosette in Paris. I felt that this acted quite well as a joint reference to my favourite musical, a brilliant work of historical fiction and the city of Paris - after which I am named. 71 refers to 1871, the year of the Paris Commune, which I will be writing my dissertation on this coming year - referencing again 'Paris' and also my degree, which has been a huge part of my life these past (almost) two years.

So welcome to 71 Feather Street, I look forward to writing here!

Paris out 💃 xxx

P.S. Happy election results day! Political posts coming your way when I get home from my weekend trip :)

Politics / Entertainment | Some Thoughts on Music Censorship

Hello, hello, hello! Now I know what you're (probably not actually) thinking. Wow, Paris is back! She hasn't written a blog post in forever! And for that, I apologise. Alternatively, you may be thinking "shouldn't she be revising". Yes, I should. But I have some thoughts about some news I saw and if I waited until after my exams to write this, it would probably no longer be relevant.
As I'm sure you're all aware, the UK General Election is fast approaching and, whilst I don't often get political on here, I wonder if perhaps I should do so more. Recently, a song called 'Liar, Liar' (referring to Theresa May) has charted and radio stations have refused to air the song for its political criticisms. As a big lover of music (and democracy and freedom), this really struck a chord with me, so I decided this was a good time to wipe the dust off of my blog.

Life / Beauty | I Donated My Hair

Hello all! So you may or may not know that I have had quite long hair for some time now. However, last weekend I decided to take a bit of a plunge and get it all cut short.

Entertainment | Film: Let's Be More Like Legally Blonde's Elle Woods

Somehow, in all my 20 years of life, I had never actually seen Legally Blonde. But a few nights ago, one of my housemates and I decided it was high time we had a movie night, so, wrapped in fluffy blankets and armed with snacks and decaffeinated tea, we stumbled upon Legally Blonde on Netflix. We soon discovered that this film is absolutely brilliant and that we'd been missing out for far too long. I found myself rooting for Elle so so much throughout the film and absolutely loving everything about her character. As I'm really (really, really) late to the party on this film, I figured a review would be quite redundant. Instead, I decided to write about why I love Elle's character so much and why we should all be more like her.

January Favourites (2017)

Hi there! Can you believe it's February already? In my year and a half of writing this blog, I think I've only ever actually done two monthly favourite posts, but I figured I'd start this new year as I mean to go on and aim to actually do one every month (she says, typing this two days into February). So... allons-y!

Beauty | My Favourite NYX Products

If you read my blog particularly regularly (then by the way, thank you, you're awesome 💚💚) you'll know I - like many bloggers - love a bit of NYX, as I spoke about them in a few posts this past summer. I find I often struggle to write a whole post on one product, and any attempt to do so with my favourite NYX products would result in many, very short posts. So I decided to pop a bunch together in one handy-dandy guide.

Entertainment | Just Five Really Good Albums

Those who know me in real life probably think of me as that-one-friend-who-really-likes-musical-theatre. Whilst this is definitely true, as you may have gathered from certain posts of mine, I am also a big lover of "regular music", particularly alternative and indie bands. With this post I've tried to go for albums that aren't hugely well-known because, as much as I love Favourite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys, for example, I hope you can instead come away from this post with new music recommendations, rather than just nodding through me gushing over albums that you've known about for years. I'm also going to recommend three songs from each album that I feel best give you the overall feel of what that album sounds like - a taster, if you will. Enjoy!

Entertainment | TV Review: BBC Sherlock - Series 4 (with spoilers!)

The recent series of BBC Sherlock left me very much inclined to disagree with the popular saying "no sh*t, Sherlock" because there was, quite frankly, a fair bit of sh*t. This post will probably end up focusing most on The Final Problem as that's freshest in my memory as I write, and is the episode where many of my issues with this series lie. Sadly, it seems, gone are the days of grippingly mysterious cases and the cleverly faked suicide that kept the nation guessing for 2 years - as Sherlock has declined into a bit of a mess.

History | Odd Things That Happened in History

Hello all! I realised recently that, although I'm a History student and History is one of my favourite things, it's never really made much of an appearance on my blog, a place where I aim to write about "whatever interests me". I was a little unsure about how popular a History-themed post might be on my blog, but after I aired my concerns on Twitter and many of you encouraged it I thought I'd go for it! This post contains only a few little anecdotal tales as I wanted to test the water, as it were. But if you'd like to see more posts on History, please let me know as I had lots of fun writing it!

Money | Better Alternatives to Spending Bans

January. It's the calm after the financial storm of Christmas and the Boxing Day sales, and the month where many of us, often inspired by new year's resolutions, put ourselves on spending bans. I personally have never liked the idea of a spending ban. It's - simply put - not fun, and it creates a feeling of punishment, which isn't a particularly positive vibe to be surrounding yourself with. So what are some good alternatives?

Entertainment | Why Good Girls Revolt Deserves a Second Season

I recently finished watching the first season of a show called Good Girls Revolt on Amazon Prime. The show is set in USA and loosely based on the true story of a group of women researchers who sued Newsweek in 1970 for denying equal opportunities to their female staff. After I'd marathoned the ten episodes available, I was saddened to learn that Amazon Prime had cancelled the series and whether it gets a second season depends entirely on whether another network picks it up. Whilst there's nothing I can do about this, I have nonetheless decided to do what we bloggers usually do with our opinions, and write a blog post.