Entertainment | Who's in My Funko Pop! Mystery Box? (With Discount Code!)

As some readers may know, I'm a big fan of Funko POP! figurines and have collected a few myself. I recently decided to try out Pop In A Box, the subscription service, as they had an offer on and I thought I deserved to treat myself (famous last words, I know!)

How PIAB works is that you can thumbs up and thumbs down different pops, or even thumbs down an entire category if you want nothing from it - for example, I thumbs-downed the whole WWE collection category. You can also indicate which pops you already have, to save yourself from any duplicates.

I ordered a box of 3 pops a month, and as there was a 30% off offer at the time, it came to £21.12 including postage. Considering most places sell pops for £10-15 each, 3 for £21.12 makes for a very thrifty saving of £7.04 each. The bigger the box you order, the cheaper it is per pop too. A further benefit you get from PIAB is that existing subscribers get free shipping on any orders of individual, non-mystery pops from the site. You can cancel anytime with no fuss, as I did after one box.

I actually ended up with 3 pops from the same series - I'm not sure if that usually happens or whether it was just a coincidence, but either way, I'm happy to now be three-fifths of the way into a full Outlander set.

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Thanks for reading! Don't forget to use my code/link for a discount and I'd also love to hear all about your pop collections in the comments! :)