Travel | My Travel Bucket List: Top 30

Realistically speaking, my 'travel bucket list' is probably 200 places long, but I decided to whittle it down to 30 places that I'd especially like to visit. This list would be longer but luckily I've been able to tick London (many, many times), Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Brussels and New York City off my list already (although I'd happily go to any of those places again if you're offering!)

My list mostly consists of capital cities as I always find them to have so much history to explore. In fact, my trip to Berlin with school during GCSE History was what got me even more into history than before and probably led to me choosing to study it at university! You'll also spot Disneyworld in Florida on the list as I've never actually been to a Disney park and would love to go to at least one at least once in my life.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
2. Bordeaux, France
3. Boston, Massachusetts, USA
4. Budapest, Hungary
5. Buenos Aires, Argentina
6. Chicago, Illinois, USA
7. Copenhagen, Denmark
8. Disneyworld & Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida, USA
9. Dublin, Republic of Ireland
10. Florence, Italy
11. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
12. Hawaii, USA
13. Hollywood, LA, California, USA
14. Inverness & the Highlands, Scotland
15. Lisbon, Portugal
16. Lyon, France
17. Madrid, Spain
18. Marseille, France
19. Niagara Falls & Toronto, Canada
20. Oslo, Norway
21. Rome, Italy
22. Seattle, Washington, USA
23. Stockholm, Sweden
24. St Petersburg, Russia
25. Sydney, Australia
26. Vancouver, Canada
27. Venice, Italy
28. Vienna, Austria
29. Warsaw, Poland
30. Zurich, Switzerland

Have you been to any of these places? What's on your travel bucket list? Let me know in the comments!