Homeware | Fun and Festive Gifts from Uncommon Goods

And so Christmas storms the blogosphere, with every post you see being full of festive spirit! Not one to miss out on such a thing, I thought I'd write today's post on a gift company from the USA called Uncommon Goods. Gathering artists and designers from all around the USA, they recently started shipping to the UK too and have some really lovely and quirky gifts on offer that would be perfect for a loved one this Christmas!

Life | Sharing a Hobby: Swing Dance

It has been said by friends of mine at home that I talk about the University of Sheffield's Swing Dance Society an awful lot. But in the space of simply a few weeks of attending classes, it quickly became one of my favourite activities at university. Swing dance societies exist in universities up and down the country, and failing that, there are plenty of other places to learn swing or to go social dancing. As it's such a favourite hobby of mine I've decided that it needs blogging about, so here goes!

Travel | My Travel Bucket List: Top 30

Realistically speaking, my 'travel bucket list' is probably 200 places long, but I decided to whittle it down to 30 places that I'd especially like to visit. This list would be longer but luckily I've been able to tick London (many, many times), Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Brussels and New York City off my list already (although I'd happily go to any of those places again if you're offering!)