Food | Product Review: Simply Cook Trial Box (With Discount Code!)

I recently bought myself a £1 trial box of SimplyCook, as curiosity got the better of me, and I figured that £1 for something that retails at £8.99 was definitely a bargain. How SimplyCook works is that you're given three pots of seasonings or pastes per recipes, along with a recipe card, and you buy the meats, vegetables and whatever else to go with the recipe. The recipes in my box were BBQ Tandoori Chicken, Bokkeumbap, Malaysian Laksa and Thai Red Prawn Curry, with the pots giving at least two servings each.

One thing I liked about the box was that the recipe card was nicely laid out, with all the information on whether or not the recipe was gluten-free, its heat rating, calories per serving, and so on. The recipe was very simple to follow and the ingredients list was attached to the recipe card by a perforated edge, allowing you to rip it off and take it shopping with you, which I thought was rather nifty.

Each recipe had 3 pots containing different seasonings, pastes, etc. as part of the recipe. However, this is where my issue arose. The pots were not resealable and as a student who only ever cooks for one, I found I had at least half the pot leftover with no way to re-close its little lid. I also don't think this is a problem exclusive to people cooking for one, as in most cases I found the pot to have more than two servings-worth in it, contrary to the recipe specifications, giving me lots of leftover pastes which I had to cellotape closed or cling film over.

So far I have tried out the BBQ Tandoori Chicken recipe and the Bokkeumbap recipe. They both turned out to taste really lovely, especially the Bokkeumbap. Although its ingredients list seemed quite dull and uninspiring, the recipe was bursting with flavour and was also very simple to make. Furthermore, it's a wonderful recipe for using up end-of-the-week leftovers as you can pretty much throw anything you've got into it.

But the big question is, of course, whether or not it's worth the full price. At £8.99 for a box at the non-trial price, I can't see it as an economically stable subscription box as it would likely work out cheaper per serving to substitute a full-size jar of an ingredient for a regular box delivery.
However, I was happy with what I got for £1 as it encouraged me to try out recipes I'd never tried before, and you do receive some high quality ingredients. If you'd like a £1 trial box (money that it definitely is worth), just pop my name, Paris Cross, in at the checkout or follow this link, as I'd love to know your thoughts on the box!

Thanks for reading, as always I'd love to see your comments below :)

£1 Trial Box Code: Paris Cross