Homeware | Brand Review: The Sheffield Candle Company

Being a university student in Sheffield, there is always an inclination towards buying any nice souvenirs of the city that I find. So, upon discovering The Sheffield Candle Company, my housemate and I were delighted and very excitedly placed an order on their website.

A company based entirely in Sheffield, the company draw inspiration for scents such as 'The Botanical Gardens', 'Endcliffe Park' and 'Bakewell Tart' on Sheffield and surrounding areas. However, if you're unfamiliar with Sheffield, don't let this put you off as there are still some gorgeous scents like 'Strawberries & Cream' and 'Vanilla Toffee' on offer! After much perusing, I ordered a Bakewell Tart wax bar and a Botanical Gardens glass tumbler, and my housemate ordered the same glass tumbler along with a small tin of Dark Roast Coffee. Unfortunately, after a week and a half of waiting, our candles still hadn't arrived and we'd had no correspondence about dispatch. We called up to enquire and it turned out our order had gotten lost somewhere in the system. However, I was really impressed with how well they rectified the situation. Our order was hand-delivered the next day along with two freebies by way of apology - an Endcliffe Park glass tumbler and a Dark Roast Coffee large tin. I have mentioned the problem that we had for the sake of transparency and honesty within my blog, but I was ultimately very happy with the customer service and really impressed with how generous and efficient they were in rectifying their mistake.

Endcliffe Park
Endcliffe Park has the subtlest scent out of the lot, smelling faintly floral. This is a great candle if strong scents aren't your thing but you still want a little something to generally freshen up the air.

The Botanical Gardens
The Botanical Gardens is also a floral scent but is quite a bit stronger than Endcliffe Park and has rather pronounced rose overtones. It's certainly reminiscent of a sunny day in the best-smelling spot in Sheffield!

Bakewell Tart
The best way to describe this really is that it smells exactly like a cherry bakewell (and thus smells absolutely wonderful)! For my readers across the seas who have perhaps not had the joy of such a treat, Bakewell is a little village in Derbyshire (not far from Sheffield in South Yorkshire) known throughout the UK for Bakewell tarts, a confection including shortcrust pastry, jam and almonds. A cherry bakewell is a variant of this that has a cherry embedded into the top.

Dark Roast Coffee
There isn't actually a description for Dark Roast Coffee on the website at present but I would describe it as a very accurate coffee scent with an undertone of perhaps caramel or chocolate, to sweeten the scent. I feel the sweeter undertone it has also makes it less over-powering than if it was just a coffee scent and that this candle is actually at a perfectly good and reasonable level of strength.

Furthermore, The Sheffield Candle Company use soy wax in their products, which have been proven to burn cleaner, not releasing toxins and pollutants like most regular candles do. You can read more about the benefits of soy wax here.

Which scents do you most like the sound of? I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments!