Beauty | Lush Cosmetics: Christmas Range Launch Event 2016 (#MiracleOnFargate)

On Saturday evening I was fortunate enough to be invited to a bloggers' event at Lush Sheffield, showcasing their brand new Christmas range, and their Halloween range that had already been in store for around a week. Even better, my birthday had been the previous day (haul post soon!) so I had a little extra disposable income - which was fabulous because I wanted to buy pretty much everything. Let's be honest, self-control does not come easily shopping in that place!

Halloween Section
The Halloween section has some really wonderful scents, my favourite of which is the Magic Wand soap (not to be confused with the festive bubble bar of a different scent but by the same name). Magic Wand soap has a tangerine and orange scent, and this year has had the palm oil removed from it. I love the look of the soap as it reminds me of a witch's cauldron because of its black edging with a colourful concoction in the middle. The black around the edge is actually charcoal, which toxins in your skin stick to, making it a great ingredient for a deep cleanse.

Festive Section
Over on this table were the scents and images most strongly associated with Christmas, such as cinnamon, candy canes and mulled wine. Some products that stood out to me here were The Magic of Christmas, the shower smoothies and Bubbly Shower Gel.

The Magic of Christmas is a reusable bubble bar with a fantastic cinnamon scent that really does live up to its name and smell like the 'magic of Christmas'. As for the shower smoothie, I've never tried one before but I love the idea of a creamy, extra-moisturising soap and can't wait to try one out! Finally, the Bubbly shower gel has a really fruity smell to it, with grape, orange and lime. The staff member at that table was telling me it's inspired by the idea of having a refreshing orange juice in the morning and I definitely think that showering with something so zesty first thing in the morning would wake me right up!

Fun Section
For those unacquainted, Fun is a squishy 4-in-1 product from Lush - functioning as a soap, a shampoo, a bubble bar, and just a generally mouldable, squishy thing. Proceeds from sales of Fun go to the 'FUNd', which creates play areas for children in Fukushima so they can play safely despite the radiation that remains there. This year there is Reindeer & Robin, Snow Fairy, Elf on the Shelf and Santa, all of which are different scents and different colours.

North Pole Section
(To be honest I've forgotten what this table was called so I made that up)
You may notice towards the top of the photo a blue soap with a reindeer embossed in it. That is in fact the redesigned Reindeer Rock, which scent-wise has a stronger jasmine and rose aroma than previous years, to accompany the berry. Obviously it still smells lush (see what I did there?) but the change is something to bear in mind if you were planning to stock up online for example!

At this table there was also the fresh cleanser Bûche de Noël (translating simply to 'Christmas log'). I had never tried a fresh cleanser before but I was pleasantly surprised at its effects when it was swatched on my hand. My skin felt instantly softened and was given a slight glow, accompanied by a wonderful festive scent, of course!

Despite my tragically bath-less life, an honorary mention still has to go to this gorgeous bath bomb, Northern Lights. I absolutely love the look of it and I imagine its jasmine and ylang ylang scent would make for great relaxation!

Continuing the theme of really pretty products, I just had to take a photo of this Igloo soap because of how impressively it all slotted together!

Princess Section
The princess table was definitely my favourite in the store as I'm a complete sucker for the 'girly' scents. This table had the ever-recurring classics like Snow Fairy and Rose Jam, as well as a retro Lush product Ruby Red Slippers.

The So White bath bomb has also returned this year, having undergone a redesign. Whilst it was formerly white and pink, making it very girly and cheery, it is now white and green. The water below the foam goes a very deep 'poison apple' green, to channel the sinister nature of Snow White's story a little more. It's also one of my favourite scents out of the Christmas range, smelling of apples and spices. In the end I got three of my four purchases from this table, which are discussed further below.

What I Got
The lovely staff at Lush kindly gave us all a goodie bag, in which there was a small bottle of Snow Fairy (which I had last year and adore!), Snow Fairy fun and a Mistletoe bath bomb. I also bought myself Snow Fairy body conditioner, Sugar Plum Fairy lip tint, Shooting Stars soap and Yog Log Roulade shower smoothie. The Snow Fairy body conditioner is a new product this year that acts as an in-shower body butter, which saves you from shivering outside the shower whilst you apply it and wait for it to soak in! Sugar Plum Fairy lip tint has a really great blackcurrant scent and I've been told it's really moisturising as well as seeing from one of the members of staff wearing it that it's super pigmented. Shooting Stars has a very zesty, citrus scent to it, whilst Yog Log smells very festive and spicy. I can't wait to try out all of these products in the coming weeks and months (and maybe pick up a few more bits and bobs if I can't resist!)

Thank you for reading! Have you picked up anything good from the new Halloween and Christmas ranges yet? I'd love to know what!