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Hello all! You may recall a while ago I wrote a post called Eight Apps & Websites You Need in Your Life in which I mentioned a website called Surveybods, a paid survey website. However, Surveybods is in fact one of many great survey websites available. So I thought I'd write a post detailing paid survey websites and other similar ways to earn quick cash from the internet!

Although in the post I mentioned above I had a lot of praise for SurveyBods, it was then the only one I'd tried and I've since realised that whilst it is good, it's not the best of the bunch. The surveys aren't hugely frequent until you've been on the website for a while, and then still only really monthly. But, they're generally interesting and pay a reasonable £1-£2 each, depending on length. If you're screened out (i.e. not eligible for that particular survey) you're sadly not redirected to a new one but you do receive an entry into a prize draw. You can cash out your points once you get to £15, a low cash-out compared to other survey websites such as YouGov (below). The cash-out is done with your bank account number and sort code.
Rating: 6/10

Swagbucks provide a lot of opportunity for points-earning beyond just surveys. They have a lot of bonus Swagbucks codes being revealed through Facebook and Twitter and you can be alerted of these by installing the Swag button extension on your web browser. You will probably suffer lots of screen-outs but when you do there are almost always other surveys waiting for you. Points can also be earnt by using the website's search bar to search the internet, by cashback from shopping on sites such as Boot's, Marks & Spencer and The Body Shop, watching (admittedly very dull) video playlists and several other ways. The surveys are generally interesting and you also have the opportunity to redeem your points as gift cards for places such as Amazon, or just as a PayPal payment.
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Rating: 9/10

It took me about two weeks to earn the minimum cash-out value of £4 on Hiving, which compared to a lot of survey websites is pretty good. If you're screened out you earn 3p for your time too, and the surveys are interesting and of a good frequency. Cash-outs are done via PayPal.
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Rating: 8/10

You may have heard of YouGov, who often pop up with statistics on public political opinion. They send short surveys worth about 50p every couple of days and £50 is needed to cash-out. Whilst they're really, really not the place to go for speedy cash, the surveys are interesting, varied and concise.
Rating: 7/10

Nectar Canvass
Nectar Canvass rewards you in Nectar points (Sainsbury's loyalty card points) and sends surveys frequently. Nectar Canvass is nothing outstanding in the world of survey websites, but it does provide a helpful boost to Nectar card balances which, if you're a frequenter of Sainsbury's, is not to be sniffed at!
Rating: 6/10

Not a survey website but instead an add-on for your web browser that when you browse Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Bing may present some adverts on the left-hand side of your window. Clicking on these fills your 'piggybank' with a few pence at a time. Whilst Qmee doesn't pay much, you can cash out via Paypal at any time you like and all that needs to be done to earn is browsing the internet - which you were likely doing anyway.
Rating: 5/10

If you're a student and you have old lecture notes, book notes, essays or other study resources of yours to sell - upload them to Studocu, who will, if interested, get in touch about payment for study notes. I managed to get £15 for a semester's worth of lecture notes on one module.
Rating: 7/10

Similar to Studocu, except here you set your own prices. Both Studocu and Notesale are a helpful source of cash if you have typed notes you no longer use - you may as well make some money from them!
Rating: 7/10

I'd love to hear about any websites you use for quick cash, please do let me know in the comments!