Homeware | Brand Review: The Sheffield Candle Company

Being a university student in Sheffield, there is always an inclination towards buying any nice souvenirs of the city that I find. So, upon discovering The Sheffield Candle Company, my housemate and I were delighted and very excitedly placed an order on their website.

Money | How to Profit from the Internet

Hello all! You may recall a while ago I wrote a post called Eight Apps & Websites You Need in Your Life in which I mentioned a website called Surveybods, a paid survey website. However, Surveybods is in fact one of many great survey websites available. So I thought I'd write a post detailing paid survey websites and other similar ways to earn quick cash from the internet!

Beauty | My Super Speedy Skincare Routine

I've been in two minds for a while now about whether or not to write a post on my skincare routine, as many other bloggers always have such wonderfully advanced and extensive skincare routines that strike fear into my heart, and into my bank balance. But I decided that although my skincare routine is very simplistic, it still works for me and is thus worth writing about. At the very least, this allows me the chance to share my favourite skincare products with you all!

Food | Product Review: Simply Cook Trial Box (With Discount Code!)

I recently bought myself a £1 trial box of SimplyCook, as curiosity got the better of me, and I figured that £1 for something that retails at £8.99 was definitely a bargain. How SimplyCook works is that you're given three pots of seasonings or pastes per recipes, along with a recipe card, and you buy the meats, vegetables and whatever else to go with the recipe. The recipes in my box were BBQ Tandoori Chicken, Bokkeumbap, Malaysian Laksa and Thai Red Prawn Curry, with the pots giving at least two servings each.

Beauty | Lush Cosmetics: Christmas Range Launch Event 2016 (#MiracleOnFargate)

On Saturday evening I was fortunate enough to be invited to a bloggers' event at Lush Sheffield, showcasing their brand new Christmas range, and their Halloween range that had already been in store for around a week. Even better, my birthday had been the previous day (haul post soon!) so I had a little extra disposable income - which was fabulous because I wanted to buy pretty much everything. Let's be honest, self-control does not come easily shopping in that place!