Beauty | Which Universal Lipstick is Best?

When I first got Barry M's Genie I was astounded by the fact a green lipstick could be pink on application. I'd never heard of a product like it and I loved the idea that it adapted to the pH of your skin to create a tailor-made lipstick shade! Sometime later, I discovered a similar product from The Body Shop, again adapting to make you a tailor-made colour, but this time providing a darker, more purple colour, and also doubling as a 'cheek stick'! So I decided to pit these two brilliant (and cruelty-free) products against each other, to try to provide you with some insight into the pros and cons of each.

Barry M Lip Paint in Genie (£4.99)
The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Universal Velvet Stick (£12)

Genie gives a fairly bright (but not too bright) pink colour, whilst Universal Velvet gives a kind of subtle plum colour. I'd say Genie is better for Summer and Universal Velvet is better for Autumn, but both do still work really well all year round. Whilst Genie is my personal favourite of the two colours, Universal Velvet is more versatile for anytime, any-season wear as it is a more muted shade.

Both are really well pigmented but also allow you to build up your colour a little bit for added intensity.

Genie has more of a sheen finish to it, whilst Universal Velvet, being a velvety finish is more matte. Neither of them are drying and they both feel light and comfortable on the lips.

Ease of application
Genie is just a regular stick of lipstick, with the usual sloped shape, whilst Universal Velvet is more like a big chunky crayon. For applying it as a blush, I use a small make-up brush and I'm sure a lip brush could be used for applying it as a lipstick too, but I find it easy enough to just swipe on like a regular lipstick.

Staying power
Universal Velvet puts up a good fight against most foods and lasts most of the day both as a blush and as a lipstick, fading only a little. Genie on the other hand is definitely a stay-all-day kind of lipstick, so much so that I find myself having to use make-up remover to get it off at the end of the day - whilst Universal Velvet, and pretty much every other lipstick I own, would be gone by then.

Value for money
At £12, Universal Velvet is quite steep. It's of good quality and it does two jobs so the price isn't that unreasonable, but Genie has to win this round for being less than half the price and actually being a better product to me!

Overall, I'd say Genie is my favourite in terms of value for money as it matches, and even exceeds, the quality of Universal Velvet as a lipstick. However, both are really great products that I would fully recommend, so picking which is 'the best' does depend heavily on what kind of colour you're going for.

Have you tried either of these? What's your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!