Life | Student Life: My University Bucket List

I probably should have made this kind of post a year ago when I first started at university, but back then I didn't really have any kind of solidified bucket list, I was just going to wing it. But over the year I did some things that made me think to myself "if I had a bucket list, that would've been on it and ticked off". So this post is going to be a bucket list for the future and a retrospective ticking of other bucket list items.

Check mark symbol See plays at both Sheffield Theatres (Crucible and Lyceum)
In January I saw An Inspector Calls at the Lyceum with my mum for her birthday, and in February I saw Waiting For Godot with my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. I'm quite a literature geek so it was a real treat to see them both performed.

X symbol Explore the Peak District
Being at the University of Sheffield, the Peak District is only a 5 minute bus ride away but I regret to say I have not yet ventured there.

X symbol Attend a lecture for a subject you don't study
I probably should have done this in first year as I'd be closer to the knowledge of everyone around me than I will be in second year, but hopefully something like an English Literature lecture wouldn't be too out of my depth.

Check mark symbol Go to a gig
In November, my friend and I saw Reverend & The Makers at the O2 Academy Sheffield, which was extra cool as I got us free tickets through the university press team, and wrote a review of the gig in return.

X symbol Volunteer
Whilst I didn't do any volunteering this year, I have something lined up for second year - volunteering in one of Sheffield's museums. It's nothing too complicated but as a History student, it's at least a nice atmosphere to be in for my volunteer work.

X symbol Shop at a market
Sheffield has heaps of markets - vintage markets, craft markets, night markets, your regular old food market, you name it; they've got it. Next year I definitely intend to have a mosy around a market or two to try and grab a bargain.

X symbol Attend a Varsity event
Varsity at Sheffield is between the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University and is something everyone loves. Sadly last year I was lumbered with revision as my exams were so early in the exam period, but hopefully next year I'll get round to going to see something or other.

Check mark symbol Visit the Botanical, Peace & Winter Gardens
Sheffield's three main gardens, the Peace Gardens and Winter Gardens are in the city centre whilst the Botanical Gardens are a little further out. Whilst I have ticked off this task, I would like to visit the Botanical and Winter Gardens again at some point to take them in properly.

X symbol Visit all of Sheffield's museums
As a History student in Sheffield - a city so rich in history - I rather feel like I should make a point of visiting as many Sheffield museums as possible. And beyond my feeling of obligation, I genuinely want to check more of them out. So far I've managed Weston Park Museum and the Millennium Gallery. I'm not sure which one I'll be volunteering at this year yet so perhaps that can tick another museum off of my list.

Check mark symbol Ride the Arts Tower paternoster
This one I actually managed to do on an Open Day, long before I had a confirmed place at the university, let alone a bucket list. The paternoster, one of the oldest in existence, is a lift in the Arts Tower (the tallest university building in the UK) that doesn't have doors and doesn't stop - you just have to jump on as a cart passes you. That sounds terrifying but really it's a gentle old thing. For fear of my explanation not being great, here's a clip.

Check mark symbol Become a committee member in a society
As of this coming academic year, I am the Social Secretary for the Swing Dance Society. If you don't know what swing dance is, I'm hoping to write a post on it in future but for now, here's a shameless plug of our channel.

X symbol Get involved with a performance society
I'd really like to push myself out of my comfort zone and get myself out there at some point during university by being in some sort of performance. I'm hoping either to do something with the musical theatre society, or join the performance group in Swing Dance Society.

X symbol Do more baking
I only did a tiny bit of baking last year (unless you count mug cakes which I made many of), but I'd love to get the downstairs of our student house smelling of freshly baked goodies as often as possible.

X symbol Swim or do something else to keep fit weekly
After Christmas, I came back to uni resolved to go swimming every Sunday morning and I managed it once. I need to up my game.

X symbol Fundraise for charity
The university has so many opportunities for charity work and I'd love to do something, whether it being a fundraising social with Swing Dance Society, or something else, I'd definitely like to get stuck in with that!

X symbol Try out a society you wouldn't normally go for
University is about trying new things, so this year is time for me to go to a society completely outside of my interests and see if I can find a new passion.

X symbol Visit more Yorkshire
Sadly whilst at university, I've not ventured outside of the confines of the Steel City. I'd love to pay a visit to York or Leeds at some point during the next year with friends.

X symbol Take more photos of Sheffield
I study in a beautiful city with fantastic architecture, I really need to get out and about with my camera to capture that a little more.

Do you or did you have a bucket list for your university days? I'd love to see your thoughts in the comments!