Life | My Favourite Things About Autumn

As Autumn is now upon us (I deliberately scheduled this for today, the official start date of the season) and it's a favourite season of many people, I decided to write a little something on my favourite things about Autumn. From the fashion trends to that pre-Christmas feeling, here are my favourite autumnal things.

Hot drinks
Don't get me wrong, I'm a stereotypical enough Brit to chug down a cuppa anytime of the year. But there's something much more appealing about a warm mug of your hot drink of choice when you know it's freezing outside, or when you are outside and your toasty flask is the only thing making those cold, swirling winds bearable.

Staying indoors
Picnics and long walks in the park during the summer are great fun, but Autumn is a great time to embrace the more 'indoorsy' activities, like playing board games (or on games consoles if you're a bit more into your technology) with friends and family, or baking some autumnal and aromatic treats like gingerbread. It's also much nicer to get curled up in a blanket and have a TV or film marathon when it's pouring down with rain outside because you're certainly not missing any sunshine out there! Of course staying at home all the time can get boring, but there are plenty of fun indoor activities to travel to, too - like museums, laser tag, and much more.

Autumn make-up and fashion
Whilst I love the bright lip and nail colours of Summer, Autumn and Winter are a fun time to experiment with darker shades such as plum and wine colours. As for fashion, I love summer fashion but Autumn is also an exciting season for layering, scarves, chunky socks, and knitwear. Autumn fashion is a lot cosier than Summer fashion and there's nothing like a snug jumper to keep you stylish but comfy when you're out and about.

The build-up to Christmas
Lush and The Body Shop bring out their wonderful Christmas ranges and have you walking round the stores breathing in all the scents of gingerbread, mulled wine and spiced apple. You start compiling your Christmas wish list, thinking about buying gifts for friends and family, and where you're going to shop for adorable festive home decorations. You can't walk past a candle shop without oohing at the new Christmas scents for the year. Welcome to pre-Christmas, everyone!

Learning new things
If you're still in education, Autumn is the time for you to get back and start a new academic year. This is either the worst thing ever (for example if you're at secondary school and you've got that really annoying teacher first thing on a Monday morning) or something fun and exciting! Being at university and studying History, a subject I love, I always really look forward to getting my teeth stuck into a new module and I'm looking forward to going into second year and all the learning, amongst other adventures, that awaits me there.

Thank you for reading! I'd love to read all about your favourite things about Autumn in the comments!