Fashion | Miss Selfridge: 5 for £5 Jewellery Haul

Gather round, readers, I'm about to tell you a tale of what is perhaps the best bunch of bargains ever. In Nottingham last week, my mum and I decided to take a look in the Miss Selfridge concession in Debenhams and whilst perusing the jewellery stand, we noticed a strange little sign reading "Sale items: Any 5 for £5". At first we were so surprised we actually asked the sales assistant to confirm the offer. And when she did, we greedily bought everything on the stand. No, I'm kidding! We restrained ourselves, really. Here's what we bought...

First up was this gorgeous floral necklace that had been reduced from a pretty reasonable £15 down to £7.50, which we happily would have bought it for. But with this amazing offer, it was actually cheaper to buy 4 more items alongside it (wild concept, I know). So we kicked off our five item haul by buying two of this necklace so we could have one each, because it's just so pretty!

Next was this double-layered triangular necklace, reduced from £12.50 to £5. Considering the detail and the amount of beading on it, £12.50 was pretty reasonable in the first place, so you can imagine that our open-mouthed amazement continued as we popped this into our metaphorical shopping basket.

Then we spied this triple-layered necklace with lovely purple, blue and red details. This was £12.50 reduced by half at £6.25 - yet another necklace that would have been cheaper to have bought four more things alongside.

Finally is this long blue and silver piece, reduced from £12.50 to £2, which in itself was too good a bargain to pass up! I'm really looking forward to pairing this with a plain t-shirt dress and some complementary bracelets.

Although they didn't have a huge range of jewellery left, just the last dregs of the sale that they were clearly desperate to be rid of, they still had a good enough selection for us to pick up the lovely things in this post. Incidentally, they also had the earrings I bought from Dorothy Perkins not long ago and wore on Tuesday of this lookbook (time to get some new suppliers, Arcadia).

So, to conclude this hopefully riveting tale of bargains and what felt like daylight-robbery-but-legal, the numbers go a little like this:
Original total: £67.50
Reduced total: £28.25
Actually paid: £5
Total saving: £62.50 (92.6% off)

I hope you've enjoyed reading today's post! What amazing bargains have you had recently? What jewellery piece is your favourite from these? Let me know in the comments!