Beauty | I Quit Biting My Nails! + Nail Polish Haul

I've been biting my nails for as long as I can remember. Probably ever since I had teeth, it's been such a long time. I did have a brief period when I was about 16 where I 'quit' (and went on a spending spree and bought lots of nail polishes which I have happily found tucked away ready for me to use now) but then for whatever silly reason, I bit them all off again and never stopped. Until now! For I have finally done it! I have finally quit, for real this time.

As they constantly looked absolutely awful, they are tactically hidden in pretty much every photo ever taken that features my hands at all so I can't show you how bad they were, but just know that my index fingernail was probably about half a centimetre long, for example.

There are lots of methods out there for quitting biting your nails. Mine was to paint my nails with a clear polish (not even the badly tasting stuff) to throw me off every time I tried to bite them (i.e. I would stop and think "ooh they're shiny, don't eat them"). Of course it took a bit of will power too, and it's not a method that would work for everyone but it did work for me. The clear polish I used was also a strengthening nail polish as after so many years of biting, my nails needed all the help and nourishment they could get on their road to recovery!

Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint in Silver Lining
Being Barry M nail polish, it almost goes without saying that this nail polish has excellent staying power for the small price of £3.99, lasting at least a week before chipping. Silver Lining is a silver that's shimmery and a little bit sparkly, but not overly so. In fact it's really wearable for any occasion as it's not too loud or bold at all. Another great thing is that as it's not really a plain finish, any smudges or little mistakes you make in painting are less noticeable than they would be in a plain-coloured polish. It also goes opaque in just one coat.

Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint in Gold Digger
I actually got this after having worn Silver Lining for a week as I loved it so much I just had to extend my collection of the Molten Metals! This of course has the same finish as Silver Lining, this time in a deep yellow colour.

Barry M Lolly Gloss Nail Paint in Purple Pop
This stays so true to its title of 'Lolly Gloss' with a finish that really reminds me of the look of lollipops or hard-boiled sweets, and again it lasts brilliantly. But, unlike the Molten Metal range, you do need two or three coats to get it opaque.

Barry M Coconut Infusion Gel Nail Paint in Aloha and Flamingo
I haven't tried these yet but their premise is that they're infused with coconut water and coconut oil to hydrate and nourish the nails - which is such a good idea because of course nail polish can be damaging to your nails if you don't care for them properly in between painting. So, based on what I know, I'm really looking forward to trying out this polish and seeing if it's as nourishing as it claims and whether or not that compromises its staying power!

Barry M Boots Exclusive Limited Edition Nail Paint in Golden Sands
This one I got from an offer of a free Barry M Boots Exclusive Limited Edition nail paint when you spend £6 on Barry M cosmetics. Well, let's be honest, with the lovely selection that brand has, it wasn't hard to pick up £6 worth of things! I can't wait to try this polish out as it looks so lovely - a nude shade with flecks of glitter in it to give it a subtle sparkle.

Seventeen Quicker Slicker Nail Polish in Forever
I usually don't go for fast-dry nail polishes as I struggle to get all the polish on and smoothed down before it dries, but this was free when I bought two Seventeen products, which I happened to be doing at the time anyway so I picked up this beige shade called Forever.

Seventeen Gel Colour in Knickerbocker
Another product I admittedly only got because it was on offer. The Boots magazine had 150 bonus Advantage Card points when you bought a Seventeen Gel Colour nail polish so after perusing and deliberating over many colours, I went with this lovely purple shade.

Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer in 296 Meadow Green
Whilst I was in Nottingham recently, I noticed a sale was on in the Kiko Milano store in the Victoria Centre so I went in and had a gander, where I found their nail lacquer range all reduced from £3.90 to £2.50 (later that day I went home and saw them reduced to £1 on the website but oh well, we live and we learn).

I'm still new to this whole nail polish thing so if you have any polish recommendations I'd love to see them in the comments!