Beauty | Five Products I Wouldn't Repurchase

I'm not one for crapping on products and it isn't something I do very often on my blog, but I do feel it's important to occasionally mix things up and talk about the products that haven't impressed me so much. In most cases, these products aren't awful and do have some positive points, but I felt for me personally that these positives did not outweigh the negatives.
Some of these products and many more I wouldn't repurchase anyway as I've gone cruelty-free with my make-up choices, but for the purpose of this post I'm speaking outside the context of whether they are cruelty-free or not.

1. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick
If I listen carefully, I can hear the collective gasp of lipstick lovers everywhere! But controversial as this is, I was really disappointed by my MAC lipstick purchase. For the price it was, and the hype that surrounds it, I was expecting more, but I didn't feel this was anything special. Don't get me wrong, the lipstick isn't bad (for example, it's not drying and it's well-pigmented), but it does seep right into the lines of my lips and a bit of even non-oily food fetches it right off so I really don't rate the staying power in comparison to some of my Barry M and NYX lipsticks.

2. Seventeen Berry Crush Lip Stain
Again this product isn't terrible and looks nice when first applied, but for a stain I was expecting much better staying power. It fades after 2 or so hours and doesn't withstand food very well. It also gathers itself up in the middle and ends up making a line along the middle of your mouth which is really rather annoying!

3. The Body Shop Skinny Felt Liner
Whilst I adore The Body Shop and would wholeheartedly recommend almost every product of theirs that I've tried, I found myself feeling disappointed by this felt eyeliner. I was drawn to its pen-like application as when it comes to doing winged eyeliner, I need it as easy as it gets. However, I feel like the eyeliner is really poorly pigmented and the ink comes out thinly, leaving a dark grey rather than the bold black you see on the nib. On days where I have muddled through and drawn over and over to achieve that sold black line, I've found that it fades and crumbles quite a bit throughout the day - leaving me with a grey and patchy eyeliner wing. At £10 from a brand I'm such a big fan of, I really was expecting better.

4. The Body Shop Smoky Eye Definer Pencil
I know, I know, I just said I'm a big fan of The Body Shop, that I adore and wholeheartedly recommend them, and here I am moaning about two of their products in one post! Their eyeliners simply aren't doing it for me. I have the same issue here that it's poorly pigmented and comes out a much lighter navy than it looks on the pencil itself. Upon using the sponge at the other end to try and smudge it into a smoky eye (and my own makeup brushes and sponges after that), I had no luck - it just stays put in the shape it's been drawn. Its staying power is very good, but the rest of its downsides - such as it not making a smoky eye like it says it will - do not make it worth £9 when cheaper and better alternatives are available elsewhere.

5. Garnier Fresh Eye Make Up Remover
The eye make-up version of Garnier's micellar water, I surprisingly found that it didn't take eye make-up off any better or worse, but stung quite a bit when I accidentally got it in my eyes - which the regular micellar water does too, but noticeably less. For a make-up remover that's obviously going to accidentally get into your eyes at some point, I was hoping it would be gentler on them than the micellar water which isn't explicitly targeted at eyes.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!