Beauty | Five Products I Wouldn't Repurchase

I'm not one for crapping on products and it isn't something I do very often on my blog, but I do feel it's important to occasionally mix things up and talk about the products that haven't impressed me so much. In most cases, these products aren't awful and do have some positive points, but I felt for me personally that these positives did not outweigh the negatives.
Some of these products and many more I wouldn't repurchase anyway as I've gone cruelty-free with my make-up choices, but for the purpose of this post I'm speaking outside the context of whether they are cruelty-free or not.

Beauty | Eight Great Lip Colours for Autumn

As can easily be deduced from the content of my blog, lipsticks are my favourite make-up products, with little changing in my make-up routine aside from lip colour. So, in continuing on from last Thursday's Autumn-themed post, I thought I'd go down the beauty route and that my best option would be a little something on my favourite lip colours for the season. Swatches included!

Life | My Favourite Things About Autumn

As Autumn is now upon us (I deliberately scheduled this for today, the official start date of the season) and it's a favourite season of many people, I decided to write a little something on my favourite things about Autumn. From the fashion trends to that pre-Christmas feeling, here are my favourite autumnal things.

Beauty | Which Universal Lipstick is Best?

When I first got Barry M's Genie I was astounded by the fact a green lipstick could be pink on application. I'd never heard of a product like it and I loved the idea that it adapted to the pH of your skin to create a tailor-made lipstick shade! Sometime later, I discovered a similar product from The Body Shop, again adapting to make you a tailor-made colour, but this time providing a darker, more purple colour, and also doubling as a 'cheek stick'! So I decided to pit these two brilliant (and cruelty-free) products against each other, to try to provide you with some insight into the pros and cons of each.

Beauty | I Quit Biting My Nails! + Nail Polish Haul

I've been biting my nails for as long as I can remember. Probably ever since I had teeth, it's been such a long time. I did have a brief period when I was about 16 where I 'quit' (and went on a spending spree and bought lots of nail polishes which I have happily found tucked away ready for me to use now) but then for whatever silly reason, I bit them all off again and never stopped. Until now! For I have finally done it! I have finally quit, for real this time.

Fashion/Entertainment | Disney OOTD: Belle-Inspired Outfit

Hello all! I realised the other day that I don't really do all that many outfit posts and I'd like to change that! So, I decided to kick things off with a Disney-themed piece, inspired by my favourite princess, Belle. These photos also feature my dog, Scooby - who was having a grand old time sunbathing and was certainly not about to move out of his spot. So if you don't like fashion but you do like dogs then good news, this post still has something for you!

Money | Student Life: How I Manage My Student Budget

One of the trickiest things about becoming a student is managing your money, especially if you've never really had to do any food shopping and cooking for yourself before, as I hadn't. But over my first year I developed a few little strategies to keep on top of my finances and managed to live off just over £20 a week for essentials (excluding rent). So, after a friend of mine wondered how on earth I was managing it, I decided to share some of my top budgeting tips on the blog today!

Fashion | Miss Selfridge: 5 for £5 Jewellery Haul

Gather round, readers, I'm about to tell you a tale of what is perhaps the best bunch of bargains ever. In Nottingham last week, my mum and I decided to take a look in the Miss Selfridge concession in Debenhams and whilst perusing the jewellery stand, we noticed a strange little sign reading "Sale items: Any 5 for £5". At first we were so surprised we actually asked the sales assistant to confirm the offer. And when she did, we greedily bought everything on the stand. No, I'm kidding! We restrained ourselves, really. Here's what we bought...

Life | Student Life: My University Bucket List

I probably should have made this kind of post a year ago when I first started at university, but back then I didn't really have any kind of solidified bucket list, I was just going to wing it. But over the year I did some things that made me think to myself "if I had a bucket list, that would've been on it and ticked off". So this post is going to be a bucket list for the future and a retrospective ticking of other bucket list items.

Entertainment | Twenty Underrated Musical Theatre Tracks

Originally this post was going to be a playlist of my 20 favourite songs from musicals. I got up to about 90 songs and realised 20 may be a little too ambitious. After realising much of my playlist consisted of widely loved songs such as 'Defying Gravity', 'Do You Hear the People Sing?' and 'Cell Block Tango', I decided to change my approach and shed a little light on some brilliant, often forgotten showtunes instead.