Food | The Waffle House, Norwich

While I was visiting my boyfriend at his home in Norwich, he was patient enough to be dragged around a lot of shops in the city centre. After all my browsing (haul posts coming soon!), we were of course rather hungry, and went to a place on St Giles Street called The Waffle House for lunch.
The Waffle House is obviously a very popular place as when we got there we had to queue outside to get in. However, the staff endeavoured to get the queue down as quickly as possible and it wasn't too long until we were seated. With it being such a popular place, the owners had clearly taken steps to have as many seats as possible, which did we mean we were right up in the corner, but despite my initial misgivings, we both had plenty of space to be comfortable in.

On the day that we were there, they had on a lunch deal - with a small main and a small dessert for £9.95 (excluding anything from the very tempting specials board), a very good deal considering that most small mains were between £7 and £9, and the desserts between £3 and £5. I went for a Bolognaise waffle (which would have been £8.25) and a Banoffee waffle (£4.50), giving myself an overall saving of £2.80, which is not to be sniffed at. Although listed as small, as the other size option was large, I took 'small' to mean more of a medium size. Sure enough, the dishes were of a 'medium' size, certainly enough to constitute a hearty two-course meal.

For mains, you're given a choice between a plain and a wholemeal waffle. Whilst the waffle was as good as waffles can be, the Bolognaise, to be perfectly honest, was nothing special. This may simply be because it didn't have any vegetable content besides tomato, and I personally like to throw some onions and peppers into Bolognaise. But don't get me wrong I did still enjoy it, and it was very filling, just not as good as I was expecting for what would have been £8.25.

However, on a more positive note, my dessert tasted lovely and was also beautifully presented. I had bananas with a toffee sauce, accompanied by some chocolate sprinkles and a good dusting of white sugar. On the table, alongside the mandatory table salt was demerara sugar and a generous vat of maple syrup to add, too. The chocolate sprinkles, toffee sauce and white sugar were of just the right quantity not to over-sweeten the dish and the toffee sauce was of a good consistency for waffles and bananas to easily be dipped and swished about in.

We received prompt service considering how busy the place was and I found it to be a nice and quaint little restaurant with the right idea about how to approach waffles throughout life (put them with everything!!). Despite my criticism of the main course, it was still to a good (just not excellent) standard, whilst my dessert was a wonderfully composed plate of happiness and waffles. I certainly still recommend the place and its lunch deal as my stomach was certainly sufficiently filled until dinner late that evening!

Thanks for reading, as always I'd love to read your comments down below!