Life | Ten Things That Drive Me Up the Wall (Blogger Collaboration)

Today's post is a blog collaboration with Shaima over at The Mysterious Emirati. She'll be doing 'Ten Things That Make Me Happy' whilst I have taken the more cynical route and will be writing about 'Ten Things That Drive Me Up the Wall' - so please do go and check out her blog post too! This post is intended as a wee bit of fun so whilst I am entirely aware there are more important things in life, I hope some of you can relate to some of the pesky little things that irk me day-to-day.

When I write on non-lined paper and my writing slopes
No matter how hard I try, it always slopes. Always.

Clothes reduced in the sale after I've bought them
Especially if you haven't worn that particular item yet so you're faced with the terrible realisation that you really could have waited and had that cute dress for a fraction of the price.

Public toilets you have to pay for
There's an entire musical about paying to pee. No one likes paying to pee.

People who talk over TV shows
I am trying to watch this gripping ITV drama and I could be missing vital information about the plot while you're standing there harping on about trifles, trains and goodness knows what else.

When my eyeliner wings go wrong
I wonder how many hours of my life have been spent futilely attempting to fix an eyeliner wing that will be entirely wiped off moments later because *sob* I just can't do this anymore! And if by some miracle I get a perfect wing on one eye, you can guarantee the second eye is not going to match it at all.

Snobby shop assistants
Shop assistants that don't want to help you because they feel like this shop isn't for you. I can recall it happening when I went to a MAC counter without any makeup on once, and it's happened to my mum when she's been shopping for me in Urban Outfitters. And I'm sure we all remember these scenes from Pretty Woman.

People who take the lift up one floor
Sweetie, there was an escalator about 10 yards away if you really hate stairs so much - don't be that person. This problem is especially awful in my university library because the lift is so slow that by the time it's chugged up one floor, stopped, and started to chug up the next floor, I probably could have gotten up the four floors by stairs.

People who don't follow good library etiquette at university
You know the people. The ones who sit at a computer space using their laptop, with the computer switched off - go get a desk! You're blocking someone who hasn't got a laptop with them from using a computer! Or how about the people who leave all their stuff at a desk to claim it and then leave for hours? Everyone in this library is judging you right now, buddy.

People who walk slowly or stop in the middle of the pavement
I hate walking behind slow people as I'm very much a "if I'm going somewhere I want to get there quickly" kind of person, more about the destination than the journey, perhaps. Additionally, people who stop right in-front of you without warning are highly inconvenient because I've got to slam the brakes on my speedy walking quickly before I charge right into them.

Lack of women's body hair in the media
When I'm watching an advert for a woman's razor, I want to see how well it removes leg hair. How am I supposed to see that when the razor is shaving an already perfectly smooth leg? And then in films and TV shows, if ever a man and a woman are stuck on a desert island, you can guarantee he'll have a huge beard within 2 days, but weeks will pass and she'll not even have stubble on her legs or underarms - gurrrrrl, I gotta know what kinda hair removal cream you've been using for such a result!

What drives you up the wall? Let me know in the comments below!