Beauty | Product Review: Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara

As my beloved Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara from Soap & Glory was getting to the end of its life, I decided to try out a different mascara, perhaps one a little cheaper than Soap & Glory's £10 offering. Conveniently enough, Boot's happened to have a '100 points when you buy a lipstick or mascara' coupon online, whilst many of their brands had offers on as always.

I had a browse around Seventeen's display and, was drawn in by the adorable packaging of this mascara. As Seventeen had offers of  'Buy one get one half price', and 'Free Quicker Slicker nail polish when you buy two Seventeen items', I toddled off a happy bunny, having got 3 items* for £8.78, £1.22 less than the Soap & Glory mascara would have cost.
*Doll'd Up Mascara in Brown/Black | Berry Crush Lip Stain in Peach | Quicker Slicker Nail Polish in Forever

Boot's product description:
"Create show-stopping eye drama this season. With special lash lifting 24-hour curl & volume benefits and an anti-clump brush, you can make sure that your lashes stay firmly in the limelight. Seventeen's Doll'd Up mascara uses a curved brush specially designed to give you a fabulous set of doll like lashes... amazing volume and curl without clumping. Create a beautiful overstated wide-eyed look, by applying to your top and bottom lashes."

Although here, volume is discussed, the packaging itself only refers to '24-hour curl', making me think its main selling points are supposed to be the lasting effects and the curling. With this considered, I subsequently wasn't expecting much volume, and certainly not as much as the higher end Soap & Glory mascara that aims for 'super volume' anyway. Whilst Doll'd Up does not create as much volume as Thick & Fast Super Volume, it does still volumise the lashes to the reasonable extent that most mascaras do. This also means that although on lazy days I would neglect to bother with eyeliner on my upper lash line whilst using Thick & Fast Super Volume as the mascara was thick enough at the base that the lash line wouldn't look too empty, with Doll'd Up I feel less able to do so and would likely always fill in the upper lash line.

But despite its volume merely being good and not 'amazing' as the description says, the mascara certainly does a great job where curl is concerned. As soon as I began to apply it, I noticed it lifting my lashes and giving them curl. I might even go as far as to say that it removes the need for a lash curler. In the pictures below you can see the curl at the ends of the mascara'd lashes.


It also gives length to your lashes, as can be seen below. Additionally, it fans out and separates your lashes and in my opinion, does create a doll-like look - especially when applied to the bottom lashes.


Doll'd Up lives up to its claim of not clumping, even after I've built up my lashes with several coats of the mascara. I am unsure of whether it lasts for 24 hours as I've never worn mascara for that length of time, but it does stay, without crumbling away or fading, for as long as I want it to. Yet, it takes very little effort to remove - a couple swipes of makeup remover and it's gone!

All in all, if you're looking for superbly volumised lashes, Doll'd Up is not for you. However, if you want well curled, clump-free and elongated lashes, Doll'd Up is perfect - it lasts well, curls and lengthens the lashes beautifully, all for the small price of £6.29. For added incentive, it's also cruelty-free and comes in very cute packaging.

Have you tried this mascara or any others from Seventeen? What were your thoughts? Please do leave a comment in the box below!