Entertainment | Buzzfeed's 'Hardest Ever Disney Would You Rather'

I thought I'd go for something a little different today. As I've been wanting to do more Disney content for a while, I thought some kind of 'Disney opinion post' would be the perfect place to start, so after finding a 'Would You Rather' quiz on Buzzfeed, I set to work on what I hope will be the first of many more Disney-inspired posts to come.
I'd also love to see if you guys have done or will do anything similar on your blogs, so please feel free to drop any links into the comments below this post or to tweet me @lifeinflorals!

Would you rather have a nose that grows everytime you lie or have totally unmanageable ears?
Guys, let's think about this logically - one means everyone knows when you lie, the other does not. So totally unmanageable ears is a no brainer for me. Then I can make up a funny lie about how my ears got like this.

Would you rather live with seven messy men or three sassy women?
3 sassy women. I don't like mess, and besides, 3 is fewer problems than 7.

Would you rather look after 101 well-behaved dogs or one out-of-control alien?
My head is telling me that, assuming I have sufficient funds for each option, if they got ill a vet would understand dogs better than an alien, and that them being well-behaved would be easier. But my heart is telling me I love Stitch more so one out-of-control alien it is!

Would you rather have Donald Duck's temper forever or permanently suffer from Goofy's cluelessness?
Look above. Tell me who's having more fun. It's Goofy. Goofy's having a swell time about life, but Donald just lets everything get him mad. And I'd rather be blissfully oblivious to the current political and economic climate.

Would you rather live rent-free in Aladdin's hideaway or be roommates with Ursula in her cave?
Aladdin's hideaway - Aladdin is a nicer guy and I get a nice old view of Agrabah.

Would you rather give up your decadent life to be with your jungle lover or give up your voice to be with a prince you barely know?
Decadence and possessions are not as important as having a voice (and what if the prince I barely know turned out to be super annoying?). The first one it is.

Would you rather have Maleficent's dazzling looks or Cruella De Vil's impeccable style?
Making coats out of innocent puppies isn't really my thing. I think I'd rather have cheekbones sharp enough to be weaponised.

Would you rather spend as a year as a normal-looking llama or as a ferocious-looking man-beast?
I feel like I'd scare less people away as a llama so I'll go with that.

Would you rather have immeasurable strength and be the son of god or have power over the cold and rule your own kingdom?
Controlling the cold would be really cool! (That pun was not intentional but it's staying). And ruling a kingdom would be less pressure than being a deity. And Elsa has a pretty dress...

 Would you rather have a meal of wild grubs with Simba or be forced to stroke Jafar's chin hair?
The majority of people picked Simba on this but I'd pick briefly stroking a beard (it doesn't specify, it could be about 2 seconds and then running far far away) over an entire meal of grubs. I'm quite a fussy eater, you see.

 Would you rather have the wits of Ed or the Hag's looks?
Going by the 'brains over beauty' ethos, I'd rather be cunning but ugly like the Evil Queen than as silly as a hyena that tries to eat its own leg.

Would you rather have Ursula as an eccentric mum or Jafar as an overly-involved dad?
I rate Ursula more as a character than Jafar, and I'd rather someone be eccentric than overly-involved. Jafar is just an annoying fella in general really.

Would you rather explore the depths of the ocean with Ariel or fly the Neverland skies with Peter Pan?
I like the skies more than the ocean (it's close though) so I think I'd go on my adventure with Peter Pan - shall have tea first.

Would you rather join the military to save your father or be imprisoned by a beast to ensure your father's well-being?
I wouldn't be very good in an army, and I wouldn't like to kill anyone, so I'm going to pick imprisonment. Neither sound too great though.

Would you rather have the sleek black hair of Pocahontas, the robust red mane of Ariel or the beautiful blonde braids of Elsa?
The sleek black hair of Pocahontas - I would love to be able to walk around in the wind without later having to sob my way through brushing the now tangled mess. Tell us your haircare secrets, Pocahontas!

What would you have chosen differently? I'd love to see your thoughts in the comments!

Buzzfeed game here | All pictures (other than title photo) taken from Google Images and are not my own.