Beauty | Creamy Candy: Bubble Bars Without Baths

If my Creamy Candy Bubble Bar looks a little bit like a strange pink brain in the photo, that's because this one was actually handmade by me at a lovely workshop in my local Lush store!
Being a Lush product, the bubble bar is of course cruelty free and contains natural and safe ingredients. It smells of candy floss, and reminds me a bit of their Christmas shower gel, 'Snow Fairy'. Even though I don't have a bath, I really wanted to go to a Lush workshop, and as a blog post by The Flower That Blooms said that bubble bars can be used in the shower, I decided to go ahead and get myself in on the Creamy Candy action!

Lush Workshop
I found out about the workshop via the Instagram account of my local Lush store, with details of how to book. The workshop was priced at the RRP for the product (£2.95) and as a few people who had booked didn't arrive, we ended up with more ingredients between us all and thus a bigger bubble bar than you'd usually get! It was a really fun little workshop, and I hope Lush will continue to put them on in the future.

Creamy Candy as a foot soak
I found that to use Creamy Candy as a foot soak, only a very small piece of the bar crumbled into a tub will suffice, meaning you could get lots and lots of foot soaks out of a Creamy Candy. As it's not technically intended as a foot soak, I wasn't expecting any miracles from it, but was left pleasantly surprised by the performance of the product. As a bubble bar, it claims to hydrate and condition skin, which I felt it did brilliantly. Whilst it obviously didn't treat my feet as well as a specialised foot soak would have done, I found my feet feeling soft to the touch and perhaps even softer to walk around, and if I was so inclined to sniff my feet I'm sure they smelt lovely too. Furthermore, whilst actually soaking my feet in it, it felt enough like a lovely pampering experience that I probably would have forgiven any lack of after-effects.

Creamy Candy as a body scrub
If you work at a small chunk of bubble bar with wet hands, you can break it down into a body scrub-like paste. I found this is easiest to apply with a loofah (as most shower products are). Again hydrating and conditioning the skin, with the added perk of being in a body scrub texture, this method left my skin feeling wonderful. I also found that putting the bubble bar on a loofah and topping it with your shower gel works brilliantly too (making what I'm now calling a 'shower cocktail'), speeding up your shower as you can scrub and wash at the same time.

Overall, although I'm sure Creamy Candy would work better as a bubble bath, which is of course what it was designed to do, it still did a decent job in the shower and I'm looking forward to using it some more, as shower usage doesn't use much so there's plenty left!

Have you ever tried to use a Lush bubble bar in a way other than bubble bath? What were your results? I'd love to read your comments!