Beauty | Brand Focus: Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics is a brand I stumbled upon by chance a couple of months ago when I was trawling the internet looking for brands that sold scented wax melts for me to feed to my trusty wax melter. Sadly I found that delivery cost £3.95 and that the brand had no stockists in my home city of Leicester, or my university city of Sheffield. But all was not lost, for as I mentioned here, I went to Norwich recently, where I found a lovely lot of Bomb Cosmetics products in Castle Mall's The Java Store.

Bomb Cosmetics are a very eco-conscious brand. They don't test on animals and also strive to use as little packaging as possible and use recycled materials for packaging where they can. Additionally, all of their products - which range from cupcake-shaped 'bath brulees' to face creams and scrubs - are handmade, which I feel always gives them a more homely feel than mass-produced cosmetics.

Bomb Cosmetics do a huge range of very pretty 'bath blasters', which lined an entire wall of The Java Store and whilst I wish I'd thought to photograph the display for this post, you can have a gander at them all here. As I tragically don't have a bath, and thus may never know the joy of popular Lush bath bombs such as The Experimenter and Intergalactic, I instead moved my attention to what I'd been lusting after on their website for the past few weeks - the shower soaps and wax melts. Restraining myself from a spree as best I could, here's what I came away with.

Parma Violet Shower Soap
First thing to say is that this is a really well-designed product. The sides of it have a texture to them to give them some grip so you're not spending all your time desperately clinging to a slippery bar of soap. The shower soap also has 6 sponge 'fingers' that act to exfoliate the skin as you wash. Sure enough, the combination of exfoliation and the essential oils in the soap left me with noticeably softer skin after just one use. Regarding the Parma Violet scent, I feel they got the balance just right as it's not overpowering. My one criticism would be that the website says the shower soaps "create heaps of non-drying foam". True, the foam is non-drying, but there wasn't heaps of it - I had to wash it over me a little more than I would do with a regular shower gel and loofah. That being said, this is only a huge problem if you really enjoy very foamy showers as ample foam is easily created for cleaning oneself.
For £3.99 on the Bomb Cosmetics website, and £4.49 at The Java Store, the soap certainly seems as though it's going to last me a good long while, and I definitely think it's worth it - being a handmade product with high quality ingredients and exfoliating properties.

Little Hotties Wax Melts
There were plenty of little wax melts to choose from, with the idea being that you pack your box with 30 and then mix and match them in your wax melter to create different scent combinations (like a Woolworths' Pick'N'Mix but smellier and considerably less edible). They weren't fully stocked by the time I arrived but I was glad to see that there were still some nicely scented melts left. I picked up Banana, Bottle of Bubbly, Bubblegum, Custard, Jasmine, Peach, Toffee and Vanilla Honey. As the scents vary in strength - with Bubblegum being quite strong and Vanilla Honey more muted, for example - they're perfect for mixing and matching and I can't wait to try them out!
For £6.99, you apparently get 132 hours of scent with lots of potential to create your own unique mixture of scent, so that definitely seems a reasonable cost to me.

Looking at the website, there are many more products I'd love to try out. Have you tried Bomb Cosmetics before? If not, what products do you most like the look of? I'd love to read your comments!