Fashion / Entertainment | Accessories: Game of Thrones Edition

It's been a few weeks now since season 6 finished, but as it was such a fantastic season, I'm still on quite a Game of Thrones hype. Pair this with the fact I fancied doing some blogging about accessories, I thought this would be a perfect way to start off what may become a more regular feature on my blog - TV and film inspired fashion posts!

Clockwise from top-middle
Dove of Peace Pendant Charm (£35) - Pandora
Dragonfly Meadow Openwork Charm (£55) - Pandora
Pink Flower Studs (£4) - Dorothy Perkins
Dazzling Daisy Ring (£55) - Pandora
Ethnic Triangle Necklace (£8) - Accessorize
Jewelled Statement Necklace (£12.50) - Next
As most of these pieces are very delicate, it's more akin to the Sansa we see prior to seasons five and six, while she's still very much the sweet and innocent young flower. The dragonfly charm was inspired by a dragonfly necklace she wears in series one, and the triangle necklace was inspired by the necklace she wears at the Purple Wedding. With the bird charm I was going for a reference to 'little bird', as The Hound and others have called her.

Clockwise from top-left
Chunky Perspex Link Neckwear (£20) - Topshop
Orange Beaded Fabric Necklace (£16.50) - Dorothy Perkins
Engraved Coin Choker (£6.25) - Topshop
Gold Thick Metal Choker (£12.50) - Dorothy Perkins
Gold Flat Tube Necklace (£12.50) - Dorothy Perkins
Cersei generally wears very ostentatious and chunky necklaces, with lots and lots of gold - being a Lannister as she is. I have concluded that Cersei is very much a Dorothy Perkins kind of girl, which is not something I ever expected myself to say...

Clockwise from top-middle
Silver Tone Pretty Flower Hoop Earrings (£8) - Next
Silver Tone Pretty Flower Expander Bracelet (£12) - Next
Burnished Gold Tone Vintage Style Y Drop Necklace (£14) - Next
Shimmering Rose Openwork Charm (£55) - Pandora
Mop Flower Ring (£10) - Accessorize
Luisa Vintage Body Necklace (£12) - Accessorize
Margaery tends to wear quite long necklaces and I felt like the kind of vintage vibe of the ones here would suit her style. Then there are plenty of flowers of course, because of her house sigil.

Clockwise from top-left
Silver Double Ball Ring (£5) - Dorothy Perkins
Mixed Pearl Cluster Ring (£8) - Topshop
Oval Snake Inlay Ring (£9) - Topshop
Crystal Wrap Stone Ring (£5) - Topshop
Snake Print Ring Set (£8.50) - Dorothy Perkins
Sterling Silver Organic Ring (£18) - Next
With the ball ring and the pearl cluster ring, I was trying to copy the wraparound ring she drops at the end of season five when she's surrounded by Dothraki. With the rest of the jewellery, I was trying to go for the general kind of indie vibe I imagine she'd have in today's world.

Stone Centre Bangle (£8.50) - Miss Selfridge / Blush Poetic Droplet Ring (£349) - Pandora
Melisandre's style to me seems very simplistic but with a focus on bold reds and fiery colours.
Catelyn Stark:
Platinum Plated Diamanté Regal Ring (£19.50) - Marks & Spencer
The closest I found to a ring Catelyn wears on an index finger in episodes such as The Rains of Castamere.
Mixed Metal Ring Pack (£7) - Topshop
Quite similar to Daenerys' style, I felt like this was the kind of sharp, 'edgy' look Ygritte would go for.
Shireen Baratheon:
Reindeer Pendant Charm (£30) - Pandora
In reference to her little wooden toy deer *sob*

Which accessories do you like best? Let me know in the comments! Also please do leave suggestions for TV shows or films I could do more posts like this for!