Beauty | August Favourites: Travel Edition

As you may have seen here, I went on holiday this month and, as a result, my August favourites are quite travel orientated, with most of them being multi-purpose products. However, they're absolutely brilliant for any time of the year and I'm really looking forward to using them more often in future. I have spoken about some of these products before in other posts (which I will link to), but in this post I'm going to be expanding on those thoughts and focusing more on their benefits for travel.

Entertainment | Book Review: 'On the Other Side' by Carrie Hope Fletcher (spoiler-free)

This novel follows the story of Evie Snow who, upon entering the afterlife in her old age, finds that her soul is too heavy to pass from the afterlife's 'waiting room' into her own personal heaven. Her journey to unburden her soul takes the reader through several flashbacks to reveal the story of Evie's life of love and sacrifice.

Homeware | Cumbria Staycation Haul

Following on from last week's lookbook, I thought I'd do a post on some homeware bits I picked up in Cumbria. Some of what I got was actually from Poundworld and B&M Bargains so you can likely find them all over the country, whilst the other things I got are a little harder to come by but still easily found online.

Beauty | Brand Focus: Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics is a brand I stumbled upon by chance a couple of months ago when I was trawling the internet looking for brands that sold scented wax melts for me to feed to my trusty wax melter. Sadly I found that delivery cost £3.95 and that the brand had no stockists in my home city of Leicester, or my university city of Sheffield. But all was not lost, for as I mentioned here, I went to Norwich recently, where I found a lovely lot of Bomb Cosmetics products in Castle Mall's The Java Store.

Beauty | Creamy Candy: Bubble Bars Without Baths

If my Creamy Candy Bubble Bar looks a little bit like a strange pink brain in the photo, that's because this one was actually handmade by me at a lovely workshop in my local Lush store!
Being a Lush product, the bubble bar is of course cruelty free and contains natural and safe ingredients. It smells of candy floss, and reminds me a bit of their Christmas shower gel, 'Snow Fairy'. Even though I don't have a bath, I really wanted to go to a Lush workshop, and as a blog post by The Flower That Blooms said that bubble bars can be used in the shower, I decided to go ahead and get myself in on the Creamy Candy action!

Fashion | Holiday Lookbook: Cumbria, UK

This year on my holidays I went to Cumbria. We stayed in a lovely coastal holiday cottage called Seagull Cottage, in Haverigg, which I definitely recommend as a place to stay (but be warned that the WiFi and phone signal are a bit iffy). Whilst I was there, I picked up some new homeware bits, which will be coming up in a haul post soon and I also started work on today's post, my holiday lookbook. Hope you enjoy!

Life | Ten Things That Drive Me Up the Wall (Blogger Collaboration)

Today's post is a blog collaboration with Shaima over at The Mysterious Emirati. She'll be doing 'Ten Things That Make Me Happy' whilst I have taken the more cynical route and will be writing about 'Ten Things That Drive Me Up the Wall' - so please do go and check out her blog post too! This post is intended as a wee bit of fun so whilst I am entirely aware there are more important things in life, I hope some of you can relate to some of the pesky little things that irk me day-to-day.

Food | The Waffle House, Norwich

While I was visiting my boyfriend at his home in Norwich, he was patient enough to be dragged around a lot of shops in the city centre. After all my browsing (haul posts coming soon!), we were of course rather hungry, and went to a place on St Giles Street called The Waffle House for lunch.

Entertainment | Buzzfeed's 'Hardest Ever Disney Would You Rather'

I thought I'd go for something a little different today. As I've been wanting to do more Disney content for a while, I thought some kind of 'Disney opinion post' would be the perfect place to start, so after finding a 'Would You Rather' quiz on Buzzfeed, I set to work on what I hope will be the first of many more Disney-inspired posts to come.
I'd also love to see if you guys have done or will do anything similar on your blogs, so please feel free to drop any links into the comments below this post or to tweet me @lifeinflorals!

Fashion / Entertainment | Accessories: Game of Thrones Edition

It's been a few weeks now since season 6 finished, but as it was such a fantastic season, I'm still on quite a Game of Thrones hype. Pair this with the fact I fancied doing some blogging about accessories, I thought this would be a perfect way to start off what may become a more regular feature on my blog - TV and film inspired fashion posts!

Beauty | Product Review: Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara

As my beloved Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara from Soap & Glory was getting to the end of its life, I decided to try out a different mascara, perhaps one a little cheaper than Soap & Glory's £10 offering. Conveniently enough, Boot's happened to have a '100 points when you buy a lipstick or mascara' coupon online, whilst many of their brands had offers on as always.