Beauty | Lip Colour Haul & Swatches

I've recently been expanding my lipstick collection and finally bothering to discover the wonders of lip liners, so I thought I'd show you all the new lip products I've bought recently, from NYX, Barry M, Rimmel and Kiko Milano. Look out for swatches of all at the bottom of the post!

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul
This lipstick gives a lovely matte finish as it says, and for me acts as a great 'MLBB' (my lips but better) shade. The staying power is reasonable - it doesn't withstand juicy or greasy foods entirely but does so better than a lot of my lipsticks, and otherwise it stays all day. The lipstick also doesn't leave your lips feeling dried out as many mattes do, and for the price of £5.50, it's a brilliant product.

2. NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Lala
This lipstick is amazingly pigmented, with just one swipe giving full colour pay-off. Being a creamy lipstick, it's very moisturising and when it's faded off it doesn't leave your lips feeling dried out. However, with its creaminess, it doesn't really dry on to your lips and instead transfers rather easily, so I'm not overly impressed by the staying power. This shade in particular is quite a bit darker than I'd usually go with, so for a lighter lip I usually dot it along my lips then blend it with my fingers - which is really easy to do with how creamy the lipstick is.

3. Barry M Lip Paint in 150 Pink Suede
Again doesn't leave your lips feeling dried out, and has staying power on a par with NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream (above). The lipstick is very pigmented, with only one swipe necessary for full colour, in a lovely pinkish nude shade.

4. Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner in Spice
This colour is very similar to Barry M's Pink Suede (above) so I generally like to pair the two. The lip liner is creamy enough that it's easy to apply - you can simply smooth it over your lips, rather than having to feel like you're scratching a picture into the wall of a cave. The staying power is great until you encounter a food a bit on the juicy or greasy side, at which point it all comes away. However, the lipliner is of great quality for just £2.99.

5. Kiko Milano Smart Lip Pencil in 701 Pearly Pink Peony
Shades 701 and 713 from this range of lip pencils are both labelled as 'pearly', and have a shimmer to them that the rest of the range doesn't. Worn on its own, the lip liner produces a very shimmery lip look that I'm not so keen on, but with a lipstick put on over it, the lip liner gives the lipstick a subtle shimmer that I feel can really liven up a lip look. The application is simple with a creamy pencil and a great level of pigment, and the shade is light and versatile enough that it works great underneath most lipsticks.

6. Kiko Milano Double Match Lipstick & Lip Liner in 05 Daring Orchid
I love the idea behind this of having a lipstick and lip liner duo ready-made for you. However, if you're a fan of creamy lip pencils, this one might not be for you as I personally found mine to be a pretty solid pencil that I had to work over my lips a little more than a creamier one that would 'glide' over. That being said, the lip pencil is very well pigmented and does its job at defining one's lips when the lipstick is put on over it, and of preventing bleeding. The staying power of the lipstick is absolutely brilliant, it survives all sorts of food and lasts all day, fading only slightly. When it does fade, it does so a little more in the middle of your lips but is mostly even enough that you're not left with a lip line and nothing else. Overall, the lipstick gives a lovely satin finish that lasts all day. I only wish they had more of this product in more subtle colours than are currently available.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks and lipliners? What are your thoughts? Please do leave a comment below!