Politics | Why Brexit is Bad for Culture

I, like many around me, am dismayed at what's become of the referendum result. Both of the leading political parties of the UK are extremely divided and, alarmingly, focusing more attention on in-fighting than on getting Britain through the huge diplomatic change that's brewing. However, whilst I could gladly write a post about the current state of the economy and of parliament, I decided to take a different approach and discuss culture, a topic that is also somewhat closer to my heart.

Entertainment | Book Review: 'After Auschwitz' by Eva Schloss

After Auschwitz details the life of Eva Schloss (whose mother, widowed by the Holocaust, later married Otto Frank, the widowed father of Anne Frank) throughout her time before, during and after her imprisonment at Auschwitz. The book covers topics of trauma, family life and hope, whilst also engaging in several discussions of historical legacies and public memories of Anne Frank, the Holocaust and the Second World War more broadly.

Beauty | Brand Focus: Soap & Glory

Hello all! Firstly, a huge apology for my several month absence. University had me very busy and sadly I got completely out of the habit of blogging for a while. But I'm back now and aiming to keep up with my blog a lot better this time.
I thought I'd return with a brand focus post, on Soap & Glory. Soap & Glory have long been a favourite brand of mine - so I thought it was high time I shared some of my favourite products of theirs.