Life | January-March Instagram Round-Up

Hello all! As I've had a busy few months and haven't been able to post too much, I thought I'd give my absence some more concrete reasoning and share what exactly I've been up to! So what better way to do so than with an Instagram round-up?

1. Over the Easter holidays, I took a trip down to London where I finally got round to visiting The Theatre Café as I'd wanted to for a long time. I especially liked the coffee puns such as 'Starlight Espresso' and 'My Fair Latte', as well as the general ambience of the café. Definitely the place to go if you're a theatre lover!
2. I got a haircut! A lot shorter than I'd had it for a while but I'm very happy with it.
3. My friend put on a charity gig night and the photo here is of some flowers in the windowsill of the pub where it was. My friend is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for clean water and sanitation in Kenya, and it'd be much appreciated by us both if you're able to donate a little here.
4. This was taken at my latest visit to The Lucky Fox on Division Street in Sheffield. I've never been anywhere that does better fried chicken than The Lucky Fox and I hope to write up a review for it sometime soon!
5. More swing dancing fun! This snap was from Jam Jar, a club night at the University of Sheffield's SU based around swing and jazz music with a prohibition era theme. Tons of fun and also something you're able to get tickets for even if you're not a student!
6. I also finally got round to visiting the two Sheffield theatres, seeing An Inspector Calls at the Lyceum Theatre in January and Waiting for Godot at the Crucible Theatre in February. The two plays are huge favourites of mine so I was very happy to see them in action!

So there's a little insight into what's kept me busy over the past few months! Please do feel free to leave Instagram as well as blog links down in the comments and I shall hopefully see you next Monday!