Fashion | Outfit of the Night: Swing Dance Society Murder Mystery Party

Last Tuesday, Sheffield University Swing Dance Society put on a Murder Mystery Party, a very fun event for which we were all assigned a character to dress up and act as during the party. I was Liza Lott ('lies a lot', hehe) - an upper class woman with a gambling addiction, and it later turned out that I was also the murderer.

Entertainment | Life In Disney: My Tsum Tsum Collection

Hello! First off, huge apologies (again, oops) for not posting in a while, but university really had me busy. With the Easter Holidays coming up I hope to be able to put aside sometime to get myself properly back into a blogging routine. But alas, I digress - on with the post!
You may recall from one of my Travel Diary posts back in July that I began collecting Disney Tsum Tsums. It was many months ago that I began with my first three - Dumbo, Minnie Mouse and Lilo. Although I often post updated collection photos on my Instagram, I've decided to write up a post on my current full collection - standing at 72 mini Tsum Tsums.