Life | Five Resolutions for 2017

And so another year comes to a close (whilst we all wonder where on earth the time has gone) and as we look forth to a new year, many of us make resolutions. I don't often like to make resolutions for the new year, holding the view that one should be able to make resolutions anytime of the year. However, this year I've had a slight change of heart and so, here I am, writing this very post.

Beauty | Christmas Haul, ft. Soap & Glory, The Body Shop and No7

Hello all! I hope everyone's had a wonderful Christmas and is able to end this wild year of 2016 on some sort of positive note. Of course, the blogosphere is currently inundated with Christmas haul posts and if you came here hoping to escape that, this is not the post for you. Whilst I got a lot of non-beauty bits for Christmas, such as a gorgeous SLR camera (which I very excitedly used for this post's photos), I figured a large amount of my 'Christmas haul' were beauty products that I'll definitely want to post about in detail sometime in the future, so this post is perhaps serving as a little bit of a sneak peek into what beauty bits and bobs will be making their appearances on my blog in the near future!

Entertainment | Immersive Theatre Review: The Great Gatsby by The Guild of Misrule at Theatre Deli, Sheffield

It's the roaring 1920s - an era of bootleg liquor, red hot jazz and some of the most swinging parties in town. Created across Theatre Deli's labyrinthine building on The Moor, step into a heart-racing adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's seminal jazz-age story.The cocktails will be flowing, the music will be loud, one of Jay Gatsby's infamous parties is in full swing.The Guild and Theatre Deli have created a night out like no other. Over two and a half hours you will dance, chase and infiltrate your way through one of the greatest stories of the twentieth century. Come and join the party.

Entertainment | Who's in My Funko Pop! Mystery Box? (With Discount Code!)

As some readers may know, I'm a big fan of Funko POP! figurines and have collected a few myself. I recently decided to try out Pop In A Box, the subscription service, as they had an offer on and I thought I deserved to treat myself (famous last words, I know!)

Homeware | Fun and Festive Gifts from Uncommon Goods

And so Christmas storms the blogosphere, with every post you see being full of festive spirit! Not one to miss out on such a thing, I thought I'd write today's post on a gift company from the USA called Uncommon Goods. Gathering artists and designers from all around the USA, they recently started shipping to the UK too and have some really lovely and quirky gifts on offer that would be perfect for a loved one this Christmas!

Life | Sharing a Hobby: Swing Dance

It has been said by friends of mine at home that I talk about the University of Sheffield's Swing Dance Society an awful lot. But in the space of simply a few weeks of attending classes, it quickly became one of my favourite activities at university. Swing dance societies exist in universities up and down the country, and failing that, there are plenty of other places to learn swing or to go social dancing. As it's such a favourite hobby of mine I've decided that it needs blogging about, so here goes!

Travel | My Travel Bucket List: Top 30

Realistically speaking, my 'travel bucket list' is probably 200 places long, but I decided to whittle it down to 30 places that I'd especially like to visit. This list would be longer but luckily I've been able to tick London (many, many times), Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Brussels and New York City off my list already (although I'd happily go to any of those places again if you're offering!)

Homeware | Brand Review: The Sheffield Candle Company

Being a university student in Sheffield, there is always an inclination towards buying any nice souvenirs of the city that I find. So, upon discovering The Sheffield Candle Company, my housemate and I were delighted and very excitedly placed an order on their website.

Money | How to Profit from the Internet

Hello all! You may recall a while ago I wrote a post called Eight Apps & Websites You Need in Your Life in which I mentioned a website called Surveybods, a paid survey website. However, Surveybods is in fact one of many great survey websites available. So I thought I'd write a post detailing paid survey websites and other similar ways to earn quick cash from the internet!

Beauty | My Super Speedy Skincare Routine

I've been in two minds for a while now about whether or not to write a post on my skincare routine, as many other bloggers always have such wonderfully advanced and extensive skincare routines that strike fear into my heart, and into my bank balance. But I decided that although my skincare routine is very simplistic, it still works for me and is thus worth writing about. At the very least, this allows me the chance to share my favourite skincare products with you all!

Food | Product Review: Simply Cook Trial Box (With Discount Code!)

I recently bought myself a £1 trial box of SimplyCook, as curiosity got the better of me, and I figured that £1 for something that retails at £8.99 was definitely a bargain. How SimplyCook works is that you're given three pots of seasonings or pastes per recipes, along with a recipe card, and you buy the meats, vegetables and whatever else to go with the recipe. The recipes in my box were BBQ Tandoori Chicken, Bokkeumbap, Malaysian Laksa and Thai Red Prawn Curry, with the pots giving at least two servings each.

Beauty | Lush Cosmetics: Christmas Range Launch Event 2016 (#MiracleOnFargate)

On Saturday evening I was fortunate enough to be invited to a bloggers' event at Lush Sheffield, showcasing their brand new Christmas range, and their Halloween range that had already been in store for around a week. Even better, my birthday had been the previous day (haul post soon!) so I had a little extra disposable income - which was fabulous because I wanted to buy pretty much everything. Let's be honest, self-control does not come easily shopping in that place!

Beauty | Five Products I Wouldn't Repurchase

I'm not one for crapping on products and it isn't something I do very often on my blog, but I do feel it's important to occasionally mix things up and talk about the products that haven't impressed me so much. In most cases, these products aren't awful and do have some positive points, but I felt for me personally that these positives did not outweigh the negatives.
Some of these products and many more I wouldn't repurchase anyway as I've gone cruelty-free with my make-up choices, but for the purpose of this post I'm speaking outside the context of whether they are cruelty-free or not.

Beauty | Eight Great Lip Colours for Autumn

As can easily be deduced from the content of my blog, lipsticks are my favourite make-up products, with little changing in my make-up routine aside from lip colour. So, in continuing on from last Thursday's Autumn-themed post, I thought I'd go down the beauty route and that my best option would be a little something on my favourite lip colours for the season. Swatches included!

Life | My Favourite Things About Autumn

As Autumn is now upon us (I deliberately scheduled this for today, the official start date of the season) and it's a favourite season of many people, I decided to write a little something on my favourite things about Autumn. From the fashion trends to that pre-Christmas feeling, here are my favourite autumnal things.

Beauty | Which Universal Lipstick is Best?

When I first got Barry M's Genie I was astounded by the fact a green lipstick could be pink on application. I'd never heard of a product like it and I loved the idea that it adapted to the pH of your skin to create a tailor-made lipstick shade! Sometime later, I discovered a similar product from The Body Shop, again adapting to make you a tailor-made colour, but this time providing a darker, more purple colour, and also doubling as a 'cheek stick'! So I decided to pit these two brilliant (and cruelty-free) products against each other, to try to provide you with some insight into the pros and cons of each.

Beauty | I Quit Biting My Nails! + Nail Polish Haul

I've been biting my nails for as long as I can remember. Probably ever since I had teeth, it's been such a long time. I did have a brief period when I was about 16 where I 'quit' (and went on a spending spree and bought lots of nail polishes which I have happily found tucked away ready for me to use now) but then for whatever silly reason, I bit them all off again and never stopped. Until now! For I have finally done it! I have finally quit, for real this time.

Fashion/Entertainment | Disney OOTD: Belle-Inspired Outfit

Hello all! I realised the other day that I don't really do all that many outfit posts and I'd like to change that! So, I decided to kick things off with a Disney-themed piece, inspired by my favourite princess, Belle. These photos also feature my dog, Scooby - who was having a grand old time sunbathing and was certainly not about to move out of his spot. So if you don't like fashion but you do like dogs then good news, this post still has something for you!

Money | Student Life: How I Manage My Student Budget

One of the trickiest things about becoming a student is managing your money, especially if you've never really had to do any food shopping and cooking for yourself before, as I hadn't. But over my first year I developed a few little strategies to keep on top of my finances and managed to live off just over £20 a week for essentials (excluding rent). So, after a friend of mine wondered how on earth I was managing it, I decided to share some of my top budgeting tips on the blog today!

Fashion | Miss Selfridge: 5 for £5 Jewellery Haul

Gather round, readers, I'm about to tell you a tale of what is perhaps the best bunch of bargains ever. In Nottingham last week, my mum and I decided to take a look in the Miss Selfridge concession in Debenhams and whilst perusing the jewellery stand, we noticed a strange little sign reading "Sale items: Any 5 for £5". At first we were so surprised we actually asked the sales assistant to confirm the offer. And when she did, we greedily bought everything on the stand. No, I'm kidding! We restrained ourselves, really. Here's what we bought...

Life | Student Life: My University Bucket List

I probably should have made this kind of post a year ago when I first started at university, but back then I didn't really have any kind of solidified bucket list, I was just going to wing it. But over the year I did some things that made me think to myself "if I had a bucket list, that would've been on it and ticked off". So this post is going to be a bucket list for the future and a retrospective ticking of other bucket list items.

Entertainment | Twenty Underrated Musical Theatre Tracks

Originally this post was going to be a playlist of my 20 favourite songs from musicals. I got up to about 90 songs and realised 20 may be a little too ambitious. After realising much of my playlist consisted of widely loved songs such as 'Defying Gravity', 'Do You Hear the People Sing?' and 'Cell Block Tango', I decided to change my approach and shed a little light on some brilliant, often forgotten showtunes instead.

Beauty | August Favourites: Travel Edition

As you may have seen here, I went on holiday this month and, as a result, my August favourites are quite travel orientated, with most of them being multi-purpose products. However, they're absolutely brilliant for any time of the year and I'm really looking forward to using them more often in future. I have spoken about some of these products before in other posts (which I will link to), but in this post I'm going to be expanding on those thoughts and focusing more on their benefits for travel.

Entertainment | Book Review: 'On the Other Side' by Carrie Hope Fletcher (spoiler-free)

This novel follows the story of Evie Snow who, upon entering the afterlife in her old age, finds that her soul is too heavy to pass from the afterlife's 'waiting room' into her own personal heaven. Her journey to unburden her soul takes the reader through several flashbacks to reveal the story of Evie's life of love and sacrifice.

Homeware | Cumbria Staycation Haul

Following on from last week's lookbook, I thought I'd do a post on some homeware bits I picked up in Cumbria. Some of what I got was actually from Poundworld and B&M Bargains so you can likely find them all over the country, whilst the other things I got are a little harder to come by but still easily found online.

Beauty | Brand Focus: Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics is a brand I stumbled upon by chance a couple of months ago when I was trawling the internet looking for brands that sold scented wax melts for me to feed to my trusty wax melter. Sadly I found that delivery cost £3.95 and that the brand had no stockists in my home city of Leicester, or my university city of Sheffield. But all was not lost, for as I mentioned here, I went to Norwich recently, where I found a lovely lot of Bomb Cosmetics products in Castle Mall's The Java Store.

Beauty | Creamy Candy: Bubble Bars Without Baths

If my Creamy Candy Bubble Bar looks a little bit like a strange pink brain in the photo, that's because this one was actually handmade by me at a lovely workshop in my local Lush store!
Being a Lush product, the bubble bar is of course cruelty free and contains natural and safe ingredients. It smells of candy floss, and reminds me a bit of their Christmas shower gel, 'Snow Fairy'. Even though I don't have a bath, I really wanted to go to a Lush workshop, and as a blog post by The Flower That Blooms said that bubble bars can be used in the shower, I decided to go ahead and get myself in on the Creamy Candy action!

Fashion | Holiday Lookbook: Cumbria, UK

This year on my holidays I went to Cumbria. We stayed in a lovely coastal holiday cottage called Seagull Cottage, in Haverigg, which I definitely recommend as a place to stay (but be warned that the WiFi and phone signal are a bit iffy). Whilst I was there, I picked up some new homeware bits, which will be coming up in a haul post soon and I also started work on today's post, my holiday lookbook. Hope you enjoy!

Life | Ten Things That Drive Me Up the Wall (Blogger Collaboration)

Today's post is a blog collaboration with Shaima over at The Mysterious Emirati. She'll be doing 'Ten Things That Make Me Happy' whilst I have taken the more cynical route and will be writing about 'Ten Things That Drive Me Up the Wall' - so please do go and check out her blog post too! This post is intended as a wee bit of fun so whilst I am entirely aware there are more important things in life, I hope some of you can relate to some of the pesky little things that irk me day-to-day.

Food | The Waffle House, Norwich

While I was visiting my boyfriend at his home in Norwich, he was patient enough to be dragged around a lot of shops in the city centre. After all my browsing (haul posts coming soon!), we were of course rather hungry, and went to a place on St Giles Street called The Waffle House for lunch.

Entertainment | Buzzfeed's 'Hardest Ever Disney Would You Rather'

I thought I'd go for something a little different today. As I've been wanting to do more Disney content for a while, I thought some kind of 'Disney opinion post' would be the perfect place to start, so after finding a 'Would You Rather' quiz on Buzzfeed, I set to work on what I hope will be the first of many more Disney-inspired posts to come.
I'd also love to see if you guys have done or will do anything similar on your blogs, so please feel free to drop any links into the comments below this post or to tweet me @lifeinflorals!

Fashion / Entertainment | Accessories: Game of Thrones Edition

It's been a few weeks now since season 6 finished, but as it was such a fantastic season, I'm still on quite a Game of Thrones hype. Pair this with the fact I fancied doing some blogging about accessories, I thought this would be a perfect way to start off what may become a more regular feature on my blog - TV and film inspired fashion posts!

Beauty | Product Review: Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara

As my beloved Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara from Soap & Glory was getting to the end of its life, I decided to try out a different mascara, perhaps one a little cheaper than Soap & Glory's £10 offering. Conveniently enough, Boot's happened to have a '100 points when you buy a lipstick or mascara' coupon online, whilst many of their brands had offers on as always.

Beauty | Lip Colour Haul & Swatches

I've recently been expanding my lipstick collection and finally bothering to discover the wonders of lip liners, so I thought I'd show you all the new lip products I've bought recently, from NYX, Barry M, Rimmel and Kiko Milano. Look out for swatches of all at the bottom of the post!

Beauty | Eyeshadow Sticks

Although I'm not very good with powdered eyeshadows, I decided I wanted to try and up my eye makeup game a little bit recently, so I purchased some eyeshadow sticks in the hope of adding a little something to my makeup looks. I purchased one each from Kiko Milano, NYX and Collection, all at varying prices to see how they matched up against each other. Look out for swatches at the bottom of the post!

Entertainment | Book Review: 'The Butterfly Garden' by Dot Hutchison

Trigger warning: mentions of rape and other sexual violence, general violence, murder and death in general

A concept not for the faint-hearted, this novel follows a girl kidnapped to live in a 'Butterfly Garden', a secret greenhouse, owned by a wealthy man who calls himself The Gardener. Once there, he tattoos his new butterfly's back with wings and keeps them as his own. The novel has its downfalls, but is still quite the page-turner.

Entertainment | Game of Thrones Tag

As season 6 has just finished (and oh my goodness, how brilliant was it?!), I decided as I'm so hyped up on Game of Thrones I wanted to write a blog post on it. I found questions for my Game of Thrones Tag here and here after a quick Google search. So without further ado...

Politics | Why Brexit is Bad for Culture

I, like many around me, am dismayed at what's become of the referendum result. Both of the leading political parties of the UK are extremely divided and, alarmingly, focusing more attention on in-fighting than on getting Britain through the huge diplomatic change that's brewing. However, whilst I could gladly write a post about the current state of the economy and of parliament, I decided to take a different approach and discuss culture, a topic that is also somewhat closer to my heart.

Entertainment | Book Review: 'After Auschwitz' by Eva Schloss

After Auschwitz details the life of Eva Schloss (whose mother, widowed by the Holocaust, later married Otto Frank, the widowed father of Anne Frank) throughout her time before, during and after her imprisonment at Auschwitz. The book covers topics of trauma, family life and hope, whilst also engaging in several discussions of historical legacies and public memories of Anne Frank, the Holocaust and the Second World War more broadly.

Beauty | Brand Focus: Soap & Glory

Hello all! Firstly, a huge apology for my several month absence. University had me very busy and sadly I got completely out of the habit of blogging for a while. But I'm back now and aiming to keep up with my blog a lot better this time.
I thought I'd return with a brand focus post, on Soap & Glory. Soap & Glory have long been a favourite brand of mine - so I thought it was high time I shared some of my favourite products of theirs.

Life | January-March Instagram Round-Up

Hello all! As I've had a busy few months and haven't been able to post too much, I thought I'd give my absence some more concrete reasoning and share what exactly I've been up to! So what better way to do so than with an Instagram round-up?

Beauty | Product Review: Bourjois Souffle de Velvet Liquid Lipstick

Hello all! It occurred to me recently that I hadn't written a product review since November and after buying one of Bourjois' newly released lipsticks, I decided it was a good time to get back on the reviewing wagon.

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet range, a variation on their Rouge Edition Velvet range is currently £6.99 at Boot's as an introductory price, and will increase to £8.99 on 13th April. As a fan of the Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick I have in 'Beau Brum', I was looking forward to trying out the Souffle de Velvet range, which promised to give a sheer matte pop of colour to my lips. I picked it up in the shade 'Cherry Leaders', and have quite mixed views on it.

Fashion | Outfit of the Night: Swing Dance Society Murder Mystery Party

Last Tuesday, Sheffield University Swing Dance Society put on a Murder Mystery Party, a very fun event for which we were all assigned a character to dress up and act as during the party. I was Liza Lott ('lies a lot', hehe) - an upper class woman with a gambling addiction, and it later turned out that I was also the murderer.

Entertainment | Life In Disney: My Tsum Tsum Collection

Hello! First off, huge apologies (again, oops) for not posting in a while, but university really had me busy. With the Easter Holidays coming up I hope to be able to put aside sometime to get myself properly back into a blogging routine. But alas, I digress - on with the post!
You may recall from one of my Travel Diary posts back in July that I began collecting Disney Tsum Tsums. It was many months ago that I began with my first three - Dumbo, Minnie Mouse and Lilo. Although I often post updated collection photos on my Instagram, I've decided to write up a post on my current full collection - standing at 72 mini Tsum Tsums.

Entertainment | A Response to 'The Problem About Gigs'

Today's post is going to take a more serious tone, as I have decided to write a response to my friend Beth's blog post on sexual harassment at gigs - an issue I feel is widely ignored but is extremely important to address. You can find Beth's original post here and it's certainly well worth a read.

The Importance of Images ft. Social Slides

In blogging, it is certainly true that images are vital in making a successful blog post. Images help to enhance the message of your blog post and are also great in assisting your social media promotions.