Life | A Month in Review / Instagram Round-Up

Hello all! Firstly, huge apologies for being so inactive this past month - both here and on Twitter. It's been a very busy past month with university deadlines and whatnot so I'm very sorry to have pretty much missed out on my first 'Blogmas' and to have skipped so many of my Monday postings. On Friday evening, I returned to Leicester for the Christmas holidays so I decided that today's post would be a perfect time for a recap of what I've been up to since I last posted back in late November.

14th November: Reverend & The Makers gig
A little earlier than my last post but I thought it was worth including. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a free press pass from the University of Sheffield's online magazine Forge Fuse to review a band called Reverend & The Makers at the O2 Academy in Sheffield. It was a great opportunity to try out a different writing style to the usual blog posts and history essays and my review can be found here.

26th November: Sweeney Todd
Back in Freshers Week, I auditioned for the SUPAS (Sheffield University Performing Arts Society) production of Sweeney Todd. With no experience in acting and minimal experience in singing and dancing, I wasn't expecting to get anywhere with it, but I greatly benefited from the opportunity to push myself completely out of my comfort zone. On this Thursday evening, I went to 'attend the tale of Sweeney Todd'. The production was fantastic and so professionally done, so huge round of applause to everyone involved!

28th November: Swing Dance workshop
One of the best things I've done this semester at university is discovering 'swing dance'. A genre of dance originating in 1920s New York and mostly consisting of Lindyhop and Charleston, it's a very fun social dance to learn and I've really enjoyed the lessons I've attended every Friday evening at the Students' Union. On this Saturday, the society brought in some external teachers to teach a 1930s swing style called 'Collegiate Shag'. It was three hours of action-packed dancing and I was very tired by the end of it, but thoroughly enjoyed taking part in such a good workshop.

3rd December: History Society Cocktail Evening
A really nice night out at a bar on West Street called Revolution, the History Society organised a charity formal, complete with cocktails and a charity auction.

13th December: SUPAS' One Night Only
From the same society that brought me a fantastic production of Sweeney Todd came One Night Only. Intended as a mash-up of lots of different musicals that the society can't get the rights to do on their own, it featured songs from Les Misérables, Book of Mormon, Billy Elliott, Wicked and much more. A very fun production that had everyone clapping and cheering, it was a great way to spend my last Sunday evening in Sheffield of the year!

16th December: Swing Soc Christmas Party
After having gotten home from writing my final essay of the semester in the library at 5am, I was very happy that I always have Wednesdays off, and took the opportunity to nap during the day. In the evening, I headed to Cubana, a tapas bar in Leopold Square on West Street for a Christmas meal organised by the Swing Dance society. I'd never tried tapas before, but it turned out to be lovely, as well as it being lovely to share a Christmas meal with my favourite society at the university. Every Wednesday evening, Cubana has a live swing band play downstairs and plenty of people take this opportunity to 'social dance'. It was my first time social dancing and I really, really enjoyed it. Certainly a wonderful end to a great semester of learning swing dance.

17th December: House hunting
After two seminars and a lecture in a row, I went from my final lecture to meeting up with next year's housemates to head to some house viewings. It was a very busy day trying to get round all the houses we'd booked, but after house #3, we were all very much decided upon it. As we didn't want it to get signed by someone else over the Christmas break, after a trip to Costa Coffee, where I had a lovely sticky toffee latte and we checked over the terms of the tenancy agreement, we signed for our second-year house! It's a lovely house, so look out for a tour of it on the blog next year when I move in.

18th December: Home
On this day I met up with a good friend of mine and we fed the ducks in Crookes Valley Park with some leftover bread, before I headed back to my flat to finish off my packing. That evening, my parents came to pick me up for Christmas. So here I am, back in Leicester for the next month!

As well as all this, I've had essays to write, presentations to give and much more. It's been a very, very busy month but I shall try my best in future not to let that get in the way of my blogging too much!
Thank you all for bearing with me and thank you for reading! :)