Fashion | Haul: Vintage By The Kilo

As a history student and fashion blogger, the idea of vintage clothing has long appealed to me. Each item has its own personal story and the trends of years gone by have always intrigued my interest in cultural history. So when A New Shop on Division Street in Sheffield announced a 'vintage by the kilo' sale, who was I to refuse? I can't resist a bargain, and at £15 per kilogram, there certainly were bargains to be had. So without further ado - here comes a haul post!

Plaid shirt
I do love a good plaid shirt, and I found this one particularly interesting for its buttons. The shirt only has three buttons running up the whole of the shirt and it gives it a more interesting shape than most plaid shirts.

Gingham playsuit
I love the versatile print on this as the colours would work great with woolly tights and winter boots, whilst the print itself would be perfect with a pair of brogues in the summer. And bonus points for having pockets!

Floral playsuit #1
I will likely have to save this for spring/summer, but I can't wait to rock this floral print!

Floral playsuit #2
This playsuit had loops on the back for threading in ribbon, so I took a stroll down to Sheffield city centre's John Lewis and picked up some black ribbon. It works a treat at pulling in the playsuit at the waist and I'm certainly loving the print!

Spotted playsuit
As it happens, I thought all four of these playsuits were dresses until I got them into the fitting rooms. That being said, they still have a great amount of swing to them.

Maxi skirt
I'm a big fan of skirts (I currently have 37 in total) and this caught my eye instantly. With a vibrant print and a big full skirt - how could I not?

In total, these six items came to a wonderful £16.50! It's certainly worth looking out for vintage kilo sales in your area as they're a brilliant way to bag some bargains.

What's your favourite item from my haul? Have you ever been to a vintage kilo sale? I'd love to see your comments!