Beauty | Brand Focus: Lush

We bloggers are notoriously obsessed with Lush products, as they are (if you'll pardon the pun) rather lush. As a bit of a Lush newbie, I haven't tried all that many of their products yet, but I have been very impressed with what I have tried. As a result, this post will not only feature my favourite Lush products, but also some of my favourite beauty products overall.

Refresher Shower Jelly
With this being the first shower jelly I've ever owned, I was very confused by the concept for a good few uses. I've now settled with the strategy of rubbing a damp loofah into the pot until a lather is built up. Refresher is true to its name with an incredibly refreshing and zesty scent of citrus. For the price it's an absolute steal as you need so little product at a time that it really does last.

Santa's Belly Shower Jelly
Not as vibrant and zesty as Refresher, Santa's Belly has the more refined scent of apples and wine. I bought this recently from Lush's Christmas range, and I love the festive red and the embedded stars of the jelly. Again, a fantastic price for a product that lasts.

Popcorn Lip Scrub
This, and my The Body Shop argan oil lip balm are my go-to products for soft and smooth lips. Not only does Popcorn smell and taste lovely, it really does work to both exfoliate and moisturise your lips, and I've noticed a visible improvement in my lips since incorporating this into my skincare routine. £5.50 for a 25g pot may seem steep, but like with the shower jellies, a little goes a long way. I've been using mine at least once daily since July and as you can see above, I haven't even gotten below the neck of the pot.

Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo
This is absolutely my favourite product right now. My hair is naturally a little bit curly, but often the curls need some coaxing. Curly Wurly does a fantastic job at bringing out my natural curls and making my hair look great. Additionally, the shampoo deep conditions too (saving time in the shower) without leaving hair looking greasy. For those of you with naturally curly or wavy hair, Curly Wurly is everything you could want in a hair product - cleansing, moisturising and strengthening hair whilst bringing out curls and lasting a very good time for the money. However, I have heard elsewhere that the coconut pieces are difficult to get out if you have particularly tight hair curls.

What Lush products would you recommend? What do you think of these products? I'd love to read any comments!