Entertainment | Playlist: Songs I'm Loving Right Now

Hello all.
Firstly, I'm so sorry I didn't post last week! I had my first ever university essay due and no time to sit down and blog. Secondly, even more apologies for being so inactive on social media. I'm still getting used to keeping on top of everything at university - studying, socialising, food shopping, cooking, etc. - so until I figure myself out on that front, social media is taking a bit of a backseat.

But on with the post! This week I've decided to do something new, and give you all a playlist. You've heard about my favourite products, and seen some of my favourite outfit ideas, but I've scarcely spoken about music beyond musicals and Disney. So here, in no particular order, are some songs I'm loving right now.

Catfish And The Bottlemen - Kathleen

Recently, a uni friend of mine recommended this band to me. I know I'm rather late to the party but I'm so glad I took him up on that recommendation as their album The Balcony is brilliant! Kathleen has ended up being my favourite of the British indie band's songs.

Royal Blood - Ten Tonne Skeleton
Again recommended by the aforementioned friend, again late to the party. This band has a heavier sound than Catfish And The Bottlemen, but their album also turned out to be fantastic.

Miles Kane - First of My Kind
I've been a big fan of Miles Kane and this song for a while now, and have seen him live twice (in 2013 and in 2014). Recently, however, I've discovered it to be especially good walking music!

The Wombats - Your Body Is A Weapon
I saw The Wombats live this past April, shortly before their release of the album this is from. It, along with Greek Tragedy are two very catchy songs from the latest album that I highly recommend!

The Family Rain - Carnival
A support act for Miles Kane back in 2013, I've loved this band ever since. They're soon to be releasing more music which I can't wait for. But meanwhile, this track and the rest of their debut album Under The Volcano are definitely worth a listen!

Panic! At The Disco - Emperor's New Clothes
My absolute favourite band ever, who I've loved since way back in 2011 have recently been releasing new tracks, such as Hallelujah and Victorious. This is their latest, and although the video is rather odd, the song itself is fantastic and Brendon Urie's vocals are incredible as always!

So there you have it! Just a snippet of songs I'm currently loving. I'd love to see some song or musician recommendations from you all and what you think of any of the songs on here. Have a great week! :)