Beauty | Pins I Love #5: Hair & Beauty

First of all, let me just apologise for the lack of posting on Thursday. It was the day after my birthday (haul post coming soon) and I was hugely busy with that and the first academic week of university. For the near future, I will be moving down to one blog post a week. After getting into a more solid routine at university, I may move back up to two but I will let you all know! Posts from now on will be published at noon every Monday.

When it comes to hair and makeup, I'm not all that creative. I love reviewing the products I do use but I don't have much to offer the world of blogging in terms of hair and makeup tutorials (so if anyone wants to guest post any please feel free to get in touch!). But I do love and envy some of the makeup looks and hairstyles I see on Pinterest. Here are a few of my favourites.


  1. Starting off with a curly updo - it looks so effortless and lovely!
  2. Taking milkmaid braids to the next level, I'm loving this look!
  3. Serious credit to whoever did this, it's such an intricate design yet looks so casual cool.
  4. I really like the makeup and fashion in this pin, as well as the cute messy bob.
  5. Really, who doesn't love red '40s hair?
  6. It's a hair form...A HAIR FLOWER :D
  7. To finish up, I love the twists in this one.

1. I can barely do winged eyeliner let alone this! Huge round of applause to the artist behind these lovely, lovely flowers.
2. Not strictly makeup, but I do rather envy this lip balm collection.
3. Wonderful colours here, tangerine and navy is always a good idea.
4. Cartoon lips! Amazing!
5. I really love this idea for eyeliner, such a funky cat-eye!
6. Like number 4, I have no idea how this would work if you rubbed your lips together but it sure looks cool in this photo.

1. A lovely colour palette and a very dainty design.
2. I love the use of the gems in this and especially how something so simple as a few polish dots around them can make some lovely flowers.
3. Such a nice design, and changing it nail-to-nail adds a really nice bit of variation.
4. Gotta love a bit of Disney!
5. The watercolour effect of this makes for a really gorgeous galaxy-esque look.
6. Yay, sparkles!
7. Finally, I've got a lot of appreciation for this Up nail art.

What are some of your favourite pins here? I'd love to read any comments!