A 19th Birthday Haul!

At the end of September (the very last day, in fact), it was my birthday! I, very scarily, turned nineteen and luckily my birthday was on a Wednesday, a day when I have no lectures or seminars scheduled - giving me plenty of time to see who my family who came up from Leicester to see me.
And one great thing about blogger birthdays is of course, haul posts!

As you may have seen on my wish list, I really wanted the Toddler Belle plush - and I got her! She's very cutely sitting on my desk in my university flat, and I must say - she matches the bedding and curtains very well!
And the Disney didn't stop there. I also got a plush of Stitch and two more tsum tsums - Anna and Kristoff from Frozen. These are my first Frozen tsum tsums and I'm anxious to collect more. Also, my friend thoughtfully sent me the receipt for the tsum tsums too so I could cash in on some collector stamps!

Expanding my Funko POP! Vinyl collection, my new additions took a more magical route this time, with the entrance of Harry, Ron and Hermione from the Harry Potter franchise. They're currently up next to Doc and Marty looking very, very cute!

Onto beauty now, and three things that weren't strictly birthday presents but were instead what I bought with birthday money. With The Body Shop's recent double points event, I decided it was finally time to purchase their Lip & Cheek Universal Velvet Stick, which I can't wait to compare with Barry M's Genie Lip Paint in a review sometime! Both of these lipsticks work by adapting to the pH in your skin to give you a customised shade to suit you. How Genie worked out for me can be seen a couple of times in this lookbook.
Next I went to Lush, where after much deliberation I decided that as I like the Refresher Shower Jelly so much, it was time to buy a seasonal version. I bought the Santa's Belly Shower Jelly, which smells of apples and wine and comes in a festive red shade containing little star shapes. I then took a little trip down to Boot's where Soap & Glory's skincare display caught my eye, with an offer of 1/3 off the range. I went for the Puffy Eye Attack Cream and with a coupon for 100 bonus advantage points to accompany the reduced price of £8.33, I felt I'd bagged a decent bargain.

I also received some lovely bits and bobs such as pretty sticky notes and a novelty drinks coaster from Molly, and some cardigans for the Autumn and Winter months ahead. But my personal favourite gift must be...

MY FIRST EVER PAIR OF DOC MARTENS! Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?! Based on the Chinese willow pattern, they're currently selling like hot cakes so, as the saying goes, get it or regret it!

So there's a little look at some of the things I got for my birthday. I was going to include some novelty post-it notes from my friend Sophie here too but they were a little too crude! As always, I'd love to read your comments so please don't be shy :)