Entertainment | Playlist: Songs I'm Loving Right Now

Hello all.
Firstly, I'm so sorry I didn't post last week! I had my first ever university essay due and no time to sit down and blog. Secondly, even more apologies for being so inactive on social media. I'm still getting used to keeping on top of everything at university - studying, socialising, food shopping, cooking, etc. - so until I figure myself out on that front, social media is taking a bit of a backseat.

But on with the post! This week I've decided to do something new, and give you all a playlist. You've heard about my favourite products, and seen some of my favourite outfit ideas, but I've scarcely spoken about music beyond musicals and Disney. So here, in no particular order, are some songs I'm loving right now.

A 19th Birthday Haul!

At the end of September (the very last day, in fact), it was my birthday! I, very scarily, turned nineteen and luckily my birthday was on a Wednesday, a day when I have no lectures or seminars scheduled - giving me plenty of time to see who my family who came up from Leicester to see me.
And one great thing about blogger birthdays is of course, haul posts!

Beauty | Pins I Love #5: Hair & Beauty

First of all, let me just apologise for the lack of posting on Thursday. It was the day after my birthday (haul post coming soon) and I was hugely busy with that and the first academic week of university. For the near future, I will be moving down to one blog post a week. After getting into a more solid routine at university, I may move back up to two but I will let you all know! Posts from now on will be published at noon every Monday.

When it comes to hair and makeup, I'm not all that creative. I love reviewing the products I do use but I don't have much to offer the world of blogging in terms of hair and makeup tutorials (so if anyone wants to guest post any please feel free to get in touch!). But I do love and envy some of the makeup looks and hairstyles I see on Pinterest. Here are a few of my favourites.