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If you've spoken to me on any Twitter chat that involves discussing TV shows, you'll know I love Once Upon A Time. With the fifth season starting in a few days, I decided it was a good time to do the 'Once Upon A Time Tag'. I'm super excited for season 5, as it's looking like it'll be the best one yet! So without further ado...*
*This blog post will contain spoilers for seasons 1-4 of Once Upon A Time.

1. Favourite female character?
Belle French, absolutely no contest. She's my favourite Disney princess and independently of that, she quickly became my favourite Once Upon A Time character.

2. Favourite male character?
Rumpelstiltskin! I think he's brilliantly played by Robert Carlyle and the show would be nothing without him. I also find his storylines brilliant and feel he's developed so wonderfully over the seasons.

3. Least favourite female character?
Tamara. She was irritating and horrible and nearly destroyed Storybrooke.

4. Least favourite male character?
King George/Albert Spencer. He was awful to David and Snow White because he couldn't deal with not getting his hands on King Midas' fortune. *hiss*

5. Favourite villain?
Other than Rumpelstiltskin, who I love both as a villain and as a hero of sorts, I'd go with Zelena. I absolutely can't stand her but in the best way. Definitely a character I love to hate!

6. Favourite scene?
It was pretty tough to remember so many scenes and I probably forgot a bunch whilst choosing, but one that I love is the wedding between Rumple and Belle. The dialogue is lovely and I really enjoyed how they used that to reflect upon the other relationships in the show.

7. Favourite ships?
The Jolly Roger. Okay, I'm kidding, my top 5 are:
Rumbelle (Rumpelstiltskin/Belle) - But I loved what they did with Belle using the dagger to kick him out of Storybrooke. Great character development for her, and he deserved it.
Captain Swan (Hook/Emma) - I can't wait to see how it works out with the new Dark Swan storyline.
Outlaw Queen (Robin Hood/Regina)
Snowing (Snow/Charming)
Stable Princess (Daniel/Regina)

8. Favourite friendships?
Swan Queen (Emma/Regina)
Red Beauty (Ruby/Belle)
Wooden Swan (August/Emma)

9. Saddest moment?
I have two. At the end of season two when Regina struggles to stop the destruction of all of Storybrooke and Emma embraces her parents whilst Henry embraces Regina. And when Hook pushes Belle over the town line and she forgets Rumple.

10. Favourite kiss?
Near the end of season 3, when Regina kisses Henry to break the dark curse. It was a really lovely moment for them as Regina had been trying for so many seasons to fight her darkness and be a good mother to Henry.

11. Do you want the Evil Queen to get her happy ending?
Yes! I love Regina and I feel she's worked so hard to defeat her darkness.

12. Favourite OMG moment?
Neal is Rumple's son! OMG!

13. Favourite outfit?
Belle's outfit in Dark Hollow.

Runners up would be Snow and Ariel's dresses in Ariel, and Emma's in Snow Drifts.

14. Favourite episode?
The Outsider. I love the friendship between Belle and Mulan, and the morals of the episode too.

15. Opinion on Once Upon A Time In Wonderland?
Brilliant show! I definitely recommend people watch it, it's a great combination of Alice In Wonderland and Aladdin, with a little Cinderella thrown in too. There are only 8 episodes to get through, and it also has Michael Socha as the Knave of Hearts, who is now in Once Upon A Time itself.

16. Favourite world, aside from A Land Without Magic and the Enchanted Forest?
Wonderland as there are some very interesting storylines surrounding it in Once Upon A Time, and Once Upon A Time In Wonderland is a huge favourite of mine.

17. Favourite back-story?
Regina's. How she became the Evil Queen was so interesting, and far better than the original story in which she just envies Snow's beauty. The grief she felt over Daniel made for a far more fascinating watch, and the relationship between her and her mother was also intriguing.

18. Something you want to know that hasn't been revealed yet
Is there a way to cure the 'Dark One' without the use of true love's kiss? Does true love's kiss actually work? Is there any way to actually destroy the darkness or would it just have to manifest in someone else?

19. If you could be any character, who would you be?
Probably Elsa. Her storyline is resolved and they all go back home to Arendelle happily. Plus, she controls snow and ice which is pretty cool.

20. What prop would you want to take home?
The storybook!

21. Favourite character introduction?
Possibly Peter Pan. He's a very interesting character (and a slimy git), but his introduction really shows how deceitful is he is, through him gaining ours and Henry's trust, and then revealing how evil he really is.

22. Favourite location/set?
New York, and Gold's shop.

23. Storybrooke or Enchanted Forest?
Storybrooke - As much as I enjoy Enchanted Forest scenes, I've always loved the concept of placing fairytale characters into our contemporary world.

24. A character you want to see more of

25. Favourite version of a fairytale?
Beauty & The Beast. I love the combination of it with Rumpelstiltskin's character as Beast!

So there's my Once Upon A Time tag! It goes without saying that the episode stills and the youtube clips do not belong to me. I hope you enjoyed the post and do let me know if you do this tag. Feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me @lifeinflorals if you want to chat about Once Upon A Time!