Homeware | Room Tour!

Hello! First of all, apologies in advance if this post ends up sounding a little rushed. I'm super busy right now with Freshers Week getting into full swing so I've just been blogging as and when I get the chance. I also apologise for the quality of some of these photos as I haven't quite got the hang of the lighting in my new flat yet.
Well, enough excuse-making, let's begin!

Two days ago (Saturday 19th September) I moved to Sheffield to attend the University of Sheffield! I'm staying in some lovely accommodation near the city centre and the university campus, with four of us sharing a kitchen/living room. It took a lot of decorative work to make my room feel a bit more homely but I'm pretty proud of how it's turned out so thought I'd give you all a peek.*
*This post will be very photo-heavy!

I have two bookshelves in my room. This one, and another, double the length. Here I have my POP! figurines (who I talked about here), my Olly Octopus plush I got from the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. store in Times Square, my two Doctor Who mugs, my spare purse and a fraction of my DVD collection.
You may also have noticed on the previous picture some bits of card stuck to the side of the shelf. These are some paintings I picked up at 3 for $10 on a street stall in New York. I absolutely love them and think they really help to add that homely feel to my room.

How could I leave without my Tsum Tsum collection? I had planned to line them all up in one big long row but they made a longer chain than I'd anticipated. So here they are - the collection so far.

Further along the desk is what we should jokingly call my stationery station. In the box underneath Amber (the dog, a present from my boyfriend during A-Level exam season) are my stationery bits such as a stapler, scissors, etc. The wicker basket has my highlighters and post-it notes, and the quirky shopping basket from Tiger has all my pens, pencils, etc.
If you saw my stationery haul post recently, you'll probably remember the green desk hippo. He's looking great on my desk and is a very well-functioning object. To the right are my portable speakers and my old iPod that I've had to dig out since my newer one broke.

Then we have my laptop and some more bits and bobs. My diary, notebook of to-do lists, weekly planner, monthly calendar and drinks coasters. At first I wasn't too happy about having to put my laptop by the ground floor window) it's where the socket is for the internet connection, but I've grown to like it as it's where the desk curves.

Round on the right-hand side of my desk is another bookshelf. On this end of the shelf I keep my folders, plastic wallets and refill pads. Below that is a little noticeboard on which I've propped up my weekly planner and Les Mis litograph for now.

Yet another plush! This is a fox from a favourite plush brand of mine named Jellycat. Next to that is my coin purse (for bus fares), and two loose change tins. On the left-hand shelf below I have a couple of sentimental photo albums, my Munchkin card games (I put Cthulhu and Apocalypse in the same box to save space), my Kindle disguised as The Great Gatsby, my basket of chargers and cables, my adult colouring book and my notepads.

So sorry about the streaky lighting on the bottom of the bed here!
And here's the important part - my bed! It's a 3/4 sized one so there's loads of space for a Sunday morning lie-in and the cushions are great to prop me up when I'm on my bed in the daytime. The little bedside cabinet has loads of space, and from my bed I can control the room's main light and the one above the bed!

After hearing so much about how tiny noticeboards are in university accommodation, I was very impressed by this. I've accessorised it with a wooden heart (seen in this post) and a wooden leopard from my grandparents.

The lighting is awful in this room, apologies again!
Luckily I have an ensuite in my accommodation. I gladly took the opportunity to accessorise it with matching towels and bathroom mat!

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to show you my kitchen and dining room but as we've just moved in there have been a couple of maintenance issues we still need to get sorted, so it's not looking the most photogenic right now.

I hope you enjoyed my room tour and the little insight into my tastes! I'm going to be reducing my posting schedule from now on to just Mondays and Thursdays. Meanwhile, I'd love to see your comments and any links to similar posts you might have done!