Fashion | Pins I Love #4: Accessories

One of my favourite posts to do, if you hadn't guessed already, is Pins I Love. They're fun to write and very convenient too. So as I work my way through my pinterest boards, here's the fourth instalment. This time, it's all about accessories.

Bags / Purses:
  1. I love how this is styled like a small clutch but is actually a lot bigger. The fastening has such lovely detail and who doesn't love a brown leather handbag?
  2. I'm a sucker for satchels and a sucker for plum colours. In the upcoming Autumn, this would make the perfect accessory.
  3. A simple but chic backpack that looks very practical too.
  4. Kate Spade bags are all the rage recently, and it's not hard to see why. This one looks so classy and could easily drive an outfit if you let it.
  5. The iconic Chanel bottle - in bag form! What more could you want?

  1. I love the colour scheme of this bracelet as it isn't too bright to make itself stick out too much, but has just the right subtlety to blend in and add a little something to an outfit.
  2. This is a lovely concept for a bracelet - the idea being to put the co-ordinates of a sentimental place on it.
  3. The great thing about this bracelet ensemble is that it's practical too. A very pretty way to check the time!
  4. I love the Moroccan feel to this bracelet, and the turquoise colour in it is gorgeous!

  1. First up is a very sparkly watch. But the vibrant yellow and the sparkly bumblebees are far more interesting than a bog standard watch, don't you think?
  2. Some more Kate Spade, this time as a watch. Again I love the vibrant yellow, and also that this watch is so simple yet looks so cute.
  3. As you can probably tell, I do love a good floral print. And how lovely is the print on this Olivia Burton watch!?
  4. I really love watches as necklaces, and this one is gorgeous and reminds me of the Astronomical Clock in Prague.
  5. As a big fan of Beauty & The Beast, I couldn't not include this lovely watch.

  1. The simplistic and rural look of these Northwood rings would make a very subtle but lovely addition to any outfit.
  2. Rose gold is a huge trend right now, so take a look at the rose gold flakes in this ring!
  3. I love the rugged look of this ring, it could add a great bit of sparkle to a more casual outfit.
  4. Cute giraffes hugging your finger! Need I say more?

  1. I love cat-eye sunglasses, and the neutral tortoise-shell and gold help it match with pretty much all outfits.
  2. A bit of a bolder cat-eye this time, these sleek white sunglasses would be the perfect pair of statement sunglasses.

  1. These earrings from Etsy contain real flower to make for a stunning little accessory.
  2. It may be the bookworm in me, but I just love these quotation mark earrings! Such a cool and quirky idea.
  3. These are sparkly without being too brash, just the right amount of sparkle to complement an outfit, rather than taking anything away from it.
  4. I always think origami cranes look so lovely so making them into earrings has certainly taken my fancy!

  1. Available in a range of shapes, I find these colourful rose gold necklaces very pretty indeed.
  2. Presumably inspired by Disney Pixar's Up, this necklace also adds a dash of colour to an outfit - and looks adorable in the process!
  3. I love this necklace for its Beauty & The Beast kind of look. A very delicate and detailed piece of jewellery.
  4. I was heartbroken when I followed the link on this pin and couldn't find where to get these necklaces. They're so lovely!
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So there you have Pins I Love #4! Next in the collection will be my hair, makeup and nail art boards. I hope you enjoyed some more pinspiration from me and feel free to leave me a comment!