Eight Apps & Websites You Need In Your Life

In an age of smartphones, there's an app for pretty much everything. In a lot of cases, there are apps for things you didn't even know you needed an app for. The same can often be said for websites as with not everyone owning a smartphone, the world wide web is far more accessible.

Plant Nanny - Free App
This is a personal care app by Fourdesire and something I use daily. The app is intended to make sure you drink the correct amount of water, as both too little and too much water can be very unhealthy.
It works by you putting in details of your sex, date of birth, weight and body activity. The app then calculates how much water you need per day and you water your on-screen plant as you water yourself. The app keeps you motivated brilliantly through wanting to keep your very cute plant alive, and through badges such as "grow 3 cabbages" or "drink sufficient water for 7 consecutive days". I've had the app since March and have felt much more hydrated for it. I'd highly recommend this simple app to anyone, whether or not you believe yourself to drink sufficient water!

Mobile Banking - Free App
This is such an easy way to check out your account balance. Before downloading this app I generally went to my nearest cash point to get an advice slip. This eventually becomes a bit of a waste of paper as you have to get another one out every single time you want to know your balance. With mobile banking, you can both check your balance and see details on each individual transaction. The app also offers things such as transferring money to other accounts, and a 'Branch and ATM Locator' which is brilliant when you're out and about somewhere unfamiliar.

Forest - 79p App
Although smartphones are brilliant things to have, sometimes it's best to take some time out from it. This app stops you procrastinating by allowing you to grow a tree by staying off your phone for 30 minutes. If you cave in and go on your phone within that time, you'll find yourself a dead tree in your otherwise beautiful forest.

O2 Priority Moments - Free App
If you're on a different mobile network provider to O2 then I'm afraid this app isn't available to you. The app offers great discounts on lots of things. In particular, WHSmith, and food outlets such as Caffè Nero and Bella Italia often have great offers available. It's worth having this installed on your phone to check every so often, especially if you're thinking of going out for a meal anytime soon.

Public Transport Apps
If you use public transport often, installing something for your city is always a good idea. As I'm moving to Sheffield soon for university, I've installed a 'Sheffield Tram Finder' on my phone which allows you to plan routes and find out what trams are soon arriving at the nearest tram stop to you. I also have something similar for London transport, with reports on line closures and the option to plan routes across the London Underground network.

SurveyBods - Website
Something my friend, Molly introduced me to, SurveyBods is free to sign up to and sends you surveys to complete. You are rewarded in points for each survey you complete and if you don't qualify for a survey you are instead given a ticket that is entered into a monthly prize draw. You only need £15 worth of points before you can redeem the money and Molly assures me that the more you use the site, the better and more frequent the surveys get. There are also community projects that give you money upfront. You are sent an email whenever a survey is available and it's a simple way for a little extra money.

Deliveroo - Website
Another recommendation from Molly, this allows you to get food from local restaurants delivered to your house. Great if you're too lazy to cook but fancy something a little more upmarket than a regular takeaway. I particularly love the idea of it if you want a romantic or girly night in with a meal, but want to use the utterly personalised venue of your home.

EWG Skin Deep Database - Website
In all skincare, makeup and toiletries there is a risk of unsafe ingredients. This database allows you to search the ingredients in your products and read a detailed but concise report on the health risks posed. They are all given a simple rating out of 10 for their danger and I've found it very useful in my attempts at being more careful with what products I buy.

Thank you for reading and I hope you'll find these apps and websites helpful. Do leave me some thoughts on your favourite apps and websites in the comments below!