Life | Student Life: 5 Things To Be During Freshers Week

Hello! Firstly, those of you following me on social media might have noticed I've been a little bit off the radar recently. I've been extremely busy this past week, for one good reason - Freshers Week! And although this post comes a tiny bit late for most first-years and rather early for next year's freshers, I thought there was no time like the present to blog about my experiences of Freshers Week and how I think you can get the most out of it.

1. Be organised
When booking events, it was tempting to just buy tickets for everything there was on offer. But the important thing to remember is that the university will require you at times for introductory lectures and registration tasks. You'll likely be given a schedule of these before arriving at the university and it's very important to prioritise them.
Consulting the map whilst buying tickets is also a good idea. If you need to walk half an hour's distance in five minutes to make the next event, it would be best to pick a favourite instead (or see if one of those events is on at another time).
Lastly, you need to eat! Don't book on so many events that you have no time at all to cook or eat anything because you will certainly regret it when you're snacking on custard creams at 3 in the morning.

2. Be social
This one is pretty obvious, but also a very scary part of Freshers Week. Your flatmates are the most important people to socialise with as you'll be living with them for the rest of the year. The best ways to socialise with flatmates are to keep your door open so they can pop in for a chat and to eat dinner in the kitchen rather than hiding in your room with it.
At events and introductory lectures, it's always best to just say hello to whoever is near you. I know everyone says this but it's definitely true that everyone is in the same boat - wanting to socialise but being too scared to make the first move. Go for it! Ask a name and make a friend.

3. Be different
One thing I told myself when coming to university was that it was all about trying something new, and also that there was a whole world beyond studying. I decided that at least once I would push myself completely out of my comfort zone because after all, if I wasn't going to do it at uni, when would I? So I auditioned for the Musical Theatre Society's production of Sweeney Todd. As it was very competitive and I have no experience in theatre, I didn't get the part but I definitely felt very proud of myself for even trying something I considered so huge.
I also attended 'Give It A Go' sessions for things I've never done before and all of this was so worth it. Doing something completely new is the best way to meet interesting new people, learn a little more about yourself and perhaps unlock a passion or skill that had been hidden away all that time.

4. Be an explorer
Chances are you're in a new city for university. A great idea is to take a day with nothing planned (in my case it was the Sunday after I moved in) to explore. Take a look around your Students' Union and get a feel for where the interesting places are, wander around campus, and then just stroll into the areas surrounding your uni and just take it all in. It'll help you in the long run as you'll always have at least a vague idea of where things are!

5. Be safe
Whilst club nights are very fun, don't go alone and make sure you and your friends look out for each other - especially where alcohol is involved. Make sure you always have someone to walk home with or have money for a taxi. Walking back to your flat alone at ridiculous o'clock in the morning is never ever going to be a good idea, no matter how much money you're going to save on a taxi fare!

And today I start my first week of the Autumn Semester! Good luck to everyone starting university this year or applying to do so and I'd love to read any comments you have - on this post or student life in general!