What's In My Sidebar?

A bit of a different post today, but as a few days ago I added some photo buttons to my sidebar for each posting category, I decided to do a post on the items featured in these photos for anyone interested. Whilst I mostly chose these items based on how good they'd look in the photos, some really great products have ended up making an appearance.

Insect Blouse - H! By Henry Holland @ Debenham's
Although this is a few years old now, the chiffon-like material, Peter Pan collar and fun print have always made this blouse a wardrobe staple of mine!
Plaid Shirt - Hollister
Trousers - Zara
My go-to trousers this Summer, also featured in this lookbook.
Converse - USC
As mentioned in my Love/Hate Tag, I love Converse. In fact, I have over 10 pairs of them...

Whipped Clean Shower Butter - Soap & Glory
I got this in a Christmas Soap & Glory box from Boot's last year and the reason it wasn't empty long ago is because the scent is so gorgeous, I wanted to make it last as long as possible! If you love sweet scents that remind you of cupcakes - this is the body wash/butter combo for you!
Magic Ink Eyeliner - Benefit
Although liquid liner application is not a skill of mine, this is a great product as it stays all day and makes a solid, defined black line.
Thick & Fast Mascara - Soap & Glory
This is definitely a go-to mascara of mine, doing exactly what it says on the tin!
Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil Lip Balm - The Body Shop
My holy grail lip balm. It keeps my lip feeling moisturised and also has such a smooth application that it's great to wear under a matte lipstick to prevent drying out your lips and to help the lipstick smooth over any existing cracks in your lips.
Popcorn Lip Scrub - Lush
Featured in my July Favourites.
Genie Lip Paint - Barry M
Featured in this lookbook, the Genie Lip Paint is absolutely brilliant for its price. It stays on so much better than many other of my lipsticks (even after food) and there's no danger of it failing to suit you as it literally changes colour to do so!
Trafford Prep Body Mist - Abercrombie & Fitch
I bought this when I went to New York as of course, American shops are very exciting for a British person. I found it to be a lovely, sophisticated scent.
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser - The Body Shop
Also featured in my July Favourites, this cleanser has been keeping my skin spot-free for many months now.

London Underground Photo Album - Paperchase
Anyone who knows me personally will know that I'm a big fan of London. So when I asked my friends for a photo album of us all for my birthday last year, they very aptly chose this one from Paperchase.
I've had these sunglasses for so many years that I absolutely can't remember for the life of me where they're from.
Lucky Cat - Chinatown, New York
I couldn't go to Chinatown without picking up a lucky cat now, could I? Bonus points for him also being a moneybox!
New York City School Bus
Another souvenir I picked up from my trip to New York back in 2013.
Praha Dog
'Praha' is Czech for Prague. My mum bought this little guy from a souvenir shop in Prague years ago when we went there on holiday. It's such a beautiful city so I'd absolutely recommend going there!

This vase has been on the mantelpiece at home for as long as I remember. So, as it's probably older than me, I have no idea where it came from.
Wooden Heart
A purchase featured in my A Collection of Hauls post.
Garden Sweet Pea Sampler Votive - Yankee Candle
One of the many sampler votives I ordered in this post.

Tag Posts:
This really isn't very exciting. It's just some gift tags from Sainsbury's. I do love Sainsbury's though.

Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell
A wonderful book (that I compared with To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee for a comparative literature piece for my A-Level English Literature coursework). It can get a little complicated at times and I didn't find the first section of it all that interesting, but once you get into it, it really is brilliant!
Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone - J.K. Rowling
Something tells me this one doesn't need much explaining.
TARDIS - Waterstones
It even lights up!
Freddo - Dairy Milk
Britain's best indicator of economic inflation.
Hawaiian Flower Chain
From a friend's Hawaiian themed birthday party when I was very young.
Jon Snow (top) and Marty McFly (bottom) POP! Figurines - Funko
I love my POP! figurines and I can't wait to expand my collection of them even more. A full look at my collection is available in this post.
Stitch (left) and Lady (right) Tsum Tsums - Disney
As mentioned in my July Favourites, I love Tsum Tsums and, like with POP!s, can't wait to expand my collection. My most recent Tsum Tsum is Lady from Lady & The Tramp - my favourite ever Disney film (which also gets mentioned on this blog all too often).

So that's what made its way into that blogging photoshoot! I hope you enjoyed the post and if you'd like to see something more extensive on anything mentioned here, please let me know in the comments - I'm open to requests!