September Wish List

After last Saturday's What's In My Sidebar? post went through a whole host of products I love (particularly beauty ones), I figure it substitutes this month's monthly favourites. So, as my birthday is at the end of September, I decided now would be a good time to write up a wish list. It features all sorts of things that I really don't need but if I can't be frivolous on my birthday then when can I be?

Cath Kidston:
I already own the Cath Kidston elasticated skirt in their clocks print and their London buses print, but I figure it's time to expand my collection as I do love skirts and I do love Cath Kidston.
On the left are the Paradise Flowers Cotton Shorts which I love for the bright colours and the very vibrant floral print. The Patchwork Spot Full Skirt in the middle looks like a lovely shape and it sports a gorgeous print that's very different to the rest of my skirt collection. On the right, the Wild Ponies Long Crepe Skirt caught my eye as something with a vintage feel, that could be part of a really classic look when put with a white shirt and a pair of brogues.

Eric The Memo Elephant - £15 (Paperchase)
I spotted this cute thing in Paperchase. I know he's a completely pointless purchase but when I first saw him I got very caught up in the illusion of practicality and organisation that is offered. He holds a whiteboard pen in his trunk and a whiteboard cloth in his tail and you write your reminders on him - after all, an elephant never forgets!
Ultimately pointless or not there's no denying that he'd make a very cute addition to any desk and would at least have some use before the novelty wears off!

Jumbo The Cutlery Drainer - £12.95 (Amazon)
Keeping with the theme of (rather pointless) elephants, meet Jumbo. You put your wet cutlery in him and watch with glee as the drained water drips from his trunk. I think it's an incredibly sweet little invention that certainly has the aesthetic and novelty appeals going for it if nothing else.

Mini Pluto Tsum Tsum - £3 (The Disney Store)
As you'll see in my July Favourites and on my Instagram, I collect Tsum Tsums. This little guy has always caught my eye and melted my heart, always being high on my Tsum Tsum wish list. I figure it's about time this cute canine gets a place on my ever-growing stack of Tsum Tsums!

Jock Plush
More Disney, I know, but this one has a story! A year or two ago I went into my local Disney store and saw this Lady & The Tramp plush of Jock. At the time I thought "oh wow, I'll be sure to come back for him!" I have never ever seen him since, at any Disney store I've visited or on their website. So as all I can find is a £65 plush on Amazon (which is very unreasonable), I live in constant hope that I find him again in a Disney store one day.

Toddler Belle Plush - £12.95 (The Disney Store)
Disney recently released a whole range of their female protagonists in toddler form. They're so adorable that I'd love to buy them all but as another collection on top of my POP! figurines and my Tsum Tsums isn't a great idea for my bank balance, I'll settle for my favourite Disney princess, Belle from Beauty & The Beast. I'm considering doing a post on my favourite and least favourite Disney princesses at some point, so if you'd be interested please do let me know in the comments!

Lunada Bay Fragrance Mist - £11 (Hollister)
This fragrance mist has a very sweet scent, of "fresh nectarine and water lotus mixed with creamy vanilla". I also really love their new packaging for this range!

Daisy Dream Forever - £59 (Boot's)
The packaging on Marc Jacobs' fragrances always catch my eye and he's definitely a favourite of mine in terms of bottle design. I find this one a lot more sleek and simple than bottles such as Daisy and Honey and in turn, more sophisticated. This suits the fragrance very well as the scent is a lot more sophisticated than the other more floral fragrances. Something else I love about Marc Jacobs' Daisy perfumes is that they're inspired by Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby, a favourite novel of mine (but not a favourite character!).

POP! Figurines - £9.99 each (Forbidden Planet)
In my collection I have Tywin and Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones and I'm aiming to get the Lannister collection completed. But of course, with adding Cersei and Tyrion, trouble arises as to where to safely place them amongst the likes of their own family, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen (even though they're inanimate so it really doesn't matter).
With the recent release of the Harry Potter range too, I feel Hermione Granger would make a great addition to my university desk. Perhaps she could act as a reminder that studying is important and without it, the brilliant Harry Potter would never have defeated Voldemort - because we all know him and Ron would've been dead within months without her brains!

HP Pavilion Laptop - £399.99 (Currys)
Now this is the big one. My current laptop seems to be reaching retirement age (and crashing often). I love the colour of this laptop and with 8GB of RAM, it's great for typing up essays, catching up on iPlayer and YouTube, editing blog photos and whatever else I need. Luckily, UCAS sent me some PC World vouchers to alleviate the cost a little bit too.

Thank you for reading! What have you been lusting over this month? Let me know in the comments below!