Fashion | Pins I Love #2: More Fashion

Hello all, I'm back with a second instalment of Pins I Love. After filtering through the 648 pins I had dedicated to dresses and skirts in the previous post, it's time to filter through even more fashion boards. This post will consist of trousers, tops, coats, and all their variants!

Trousers / Shorts / Culottes:
  1. Who doesn't love some fun and floral trousers?! Plus, I'm a big fan of how she's put this outfit together and feel inspired to experiment a little more with casual t-shirts and printed trousers.
  2. There's something so aesthetically pleasing about bright blue with white. Just me? Okie dokie...
  3. A classic look - smart brogues, a satchel and a slouchy jumper all look great with these trousers.
  4. I love these trousers, but also, the accessories in this pin are wonderful! Where can I get those shoes and that bag?!
  5. Hooray for floral printed trousers!
  6. Can't beat a bit of monochrome, eh?

  1. Simply beautiful!
  2. I simply can't decide what I like more. The colours, the embroidery, the collar or the adorable sheer sleeves!
  3. I love the mismatched nature of this shirt. That and Alexa pairs it so well with the skirt!
  4. What really struck me about this pin is that the shirt was DIY'd and that the black line is just sharpie. Goes to show how little can go a long way in changing up clothing!
  5. What's not to love about the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa on a shirt collar?

  1. A great little bit of DIY for a plain black jumper here, to add some subtle sparkle.
  2. I love the pairing of jumpers with collars and I love the texture of this jumper and how it sits with the classic white collar.
  3. Who doesn't love a chunky knit and a baggy sweater to rock with a pair of skinny jeans?
  4. The collar this is paired with is just gorgeous, and I love the mustard knit. (I can hear my mum rejoicing at me abandoning my childhood hatred of the colour mustard)

  1. I love the whole shape of this outfit, with her dress being at the same length as her coat. The bag is adorable and of course, the coat is gorgeous, in one of my favourite winter colours!
  2. I'm a big fan of letting a coat drive an outfit, and this is a great one for that.
  3. The bobbly texture, and shape of this coat really make something grey look pretty great.
  4. A little more of an urban look here, I love the bold pattern and the pairing of it with the gorgeous navy bag.
  5. Yay, another floral coat! Looks great with the all-black outfit in varying textures, with the statement necklace and blue shoes for a little extra pop!
  6. Vibrant colours and a print that's all the rage right now. What's not to love?
Thank you for reading! Which pins caught your eye? Let me know down in the comments!